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Local Mazda 3 recall begins

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15th August, 2011

As reported by Next Car on 16th June 2011, Mazda Australia has now joined in the massive recall of the Mazda 3 models to rectify a fault with the windscreen wiper motor.

The problem: The ground terminal of the windscreen wiper motor may have been inadvertently bent during the assembly of the windscreen wiper motor. This may cause a loss of the electrical ground connection, which could result in the windscreen wiper motor not functioning.

Where possible, Mazda Australia will contact owners to arrange rectification. Otherwise. owners should contact a Mazda dealer for advise.

The models involved were manufactured between 8th January 2008 and 19th February 2009. The VIN range is: JM0BK10*200395304 to JM0BK10*200469128.


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