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Australian Army G-Wagon production begins (copyright image)

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28th November, 2010

Mercedes-Benz has commenced production of G-Wagons for the Australian Defence Force. Vehicles began rolling off the production line in Austria almost two years to the day since the contract was signed with the Australian Government. Deliveries will commence in early 2011.

In parallel, Australian-based G.H. Varley of Newcastle has also commenced production of modules that will be fitted to the G-Wagons prior to delivery to the Australian Defence Force. Varley have recently commissioned a stand-alone production facility that uses modern production management techniques such as ‘Lean Manufacturing’ to deliver high quality outputs on time.

The commencement of production of both modules and vehicles marks the conclusion of a two year design and test process conducted by Mercedes-Benz and Defence Material Organisation. This included an Australian Army and Royal Australian Air Force evaluation designed to simulate typical military conditions, including driving at night using night-vision goggles and use of RAAF guard dogs.

Mercedes-Benz will deliver 1,200 specially-built G-Wagons to the Australian Defence Force over the next three years. A range of modules including Canine, Cargo, Command Post and Ambulance will also be delivered. Mercedes-Benz will also provide ongoing technical and spare parts support for the vehicles and modules for the life of the vehicle while in Army service.


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