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Mercedes-Maybach S 600 price announced (copyright image) (copyright image)

Mercedes-Maybach S 600

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10th May, 2015

As the flagship of the Mercedes-Benz model range, the Mercedes-Maybach S 600 satisfies the very highest requirements where comfort and luxurious appointments are concerned. Numerous exclusive details underline the car's ambition to lead including the world’s quietest production saloon for rear seat occupants. In addition, all the technological highlights of the S-Class are also available, and with this technology offensive, Mercedes-Maybach is revolutionising the exclusive luxury class.

“We have now commenced a new chapter with the Mercedes-Maybach,” said Ola Källenius, member of the Divisional Board of Mercedes-Benz Cars responsible for sales. “As an addition to the portfolio of S-Class saloons, the Mercedes-Maybach sets new standards in the luxury segment. The vehicle satisfies the very highest requirements in terms of exclusivity appointments and comfort.”

At 5,453 mm long and with a wheelbase of 3,365 mm, the flagship Mercedes-Benz model is 20 cm longer than the long wheelbase S-Class, increasing headroom for rear seat passengers without compromising on spaciousness for the driver and any front passenger. Inside the Mercedes-Maybach S 600, the level of wind noise is impressively low and, despite the large windows, betters even the quietest car in the world – the S-Class Coupé. For passengers in the rear, the Mercedes-Maybach S 600 is the world's quietest production saloon car.

“Perfection down to the last detail and a new dimension in seating and resting comfort for the rear passengers are the hallmarks of the new Mercedes-Maybach”, says Professor Dr Thomas Weber, Member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG with responsibility for Group Research and Mercedes-Benz Cars Development. “Our exceptionally successful new S-Class already defines the pinnacle of automotive engineering in a host of technical disciplines such as safety, efficiency, climate control and noise characteristics. The Mercedes-Maybach now sets the benchmark in the luxury segment even higher.”

The Mercedes-Maybach S 600 shares much of its specification with other variants in the current S-Class range, and will arrive in Australia in just one version, the V12 biturbo powered "S 600". Producing 390 kW from its displacement of 5,980  cc, the maximum torque of 830 Nm is available from 1,900 rpm. The Mercedes-Maybach S 600 accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in just 5.0 seconds.

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The exterior design of the Mercedes-Maybach combines stylish, effortless superiority with trend-setting exclusivity. The vehicle makes modern luxury (in the truest sense of the phrase) come alive in an exceptional way. Along with the extended wheelbase, emphatic lines suggest power and dynamism. Due to the sidewall's special design, characteristic design elements for the S-Class are retained such as the sweeping, dome-shaped roofline. With a Cd value of 0.26, the Mercedes-Maybach maintains the brand's leading position in the area of aerodynamics.

In the interior, passengers are enveloped in lounge-style, modern luxury. With its clear architecture, refined materials and stylish controls, the S 600 embodies a sensuous elegance. The Exclusive trim package, which is fitted as standard, incorporates sensuously curved, handcrafted fine-wood trim, which surrounds the entire rear seating system. The front centre armrests in nappa leather or exclusive nappa leather upholstery feature embossed Maybach crests, and an analogue IWC clock is integrated into the dashboard. In addition, the Rear Seat Comfort package includes individually adjustable multi-contour seats, and an ENERGISING massage function based on the hot-stone principle.

A new function underscoring the positioning of the Mercedes-Maybach as a chauffeur-driven vehicle is its voice amplification system. This innovative function makes it easier to communicate with the rear passengers from the front. The two microphones in the interior mirror are also used to pick up speech for the hands-free telephone system. These signals are then discreetly amplified depending on the amount of driving noise, and continuously adjusted for the speaker's volume and the ambient noise level. Voice amplification comes as standard in conjunction with the Burmester®  surround sound system.

The Burmester® high-end 3D surround sound system offers a unique optical and acoustic experience. As a visual highlight, the tweeters in the mirror triangle of the driver's door and their counterparts in the rear doors are particularly sophisticated in the Mercedes-Maybach. They rotate through 360 degrees when the head unit is turned on, moving ten millimetres towards the passengers in a spiral motion. This movement aligns the tweeters to give the optimum sound impression. If the ambient lighting is switched on, the tweeters are illuminated in one of the seven available colours.

The Burmester® high-end 3D surround sound system provides its unrivalled listening experience by virtue of 24 high-performance speakers and 24 separate amplifier channels with a total output of 1540 watts. Its intelligent combination of analogue and digital amplifier technologies leads to an unparalleled mix of fine, natural sounds and high power reserves.

The Mercedes-Maybach S 600 is equipped with a comprehensive array of driver assistance systems as standard. Intelligent Drive systems include PRE-SAFE® Brake with pedestrian detection, DISTRONIC PLUS with Steering Assist and Stop&Go Pilot, Brake Assist BAS PLUS with Cross-Traffic Assist, Active Lane Keeping Assist, Adaptive Highbeam Assist Plus and Night View Assist Plus.

The Mercedes-Maybach also possesses further innovative safety features such as the seat belt buckle extender, beltbag (both part of the PRE-SAFE® rear package) and seat cushion airbag. Executive seats in the rear arrive as standard with the innovative seat cushion airbag. The airbag is located under the seat cushion upholstery, and moves with the seat position, meaning that the airbag is always in the right location relative to the occupant.

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The seat belt buckle extender is furthermore integrated into the PRE-SAFE® anticipatory safety system. This means that in cases where PRE-SAFE® is activated in critical driving situations, there is also reversible belt tensioning in the rear via the seat belt buckle extender. The restraint system and passengers are thus better prepared for a possible accident situation.

The beltbag is an inflatable seat-belt strap that reduces the load on the ribcage in a front impact and is thus able to reduce the risk of injury to passengers in the rear. Should crash sensors detect a severe frontal impact, the airbag control unit triggers deployment and inflation of the beltbag. A gas generator then inflates the multi-layered belt strap with tear seams to nearly three times its normal width. The resulting larger surface area is able to better distribute the force acting on the seat occupant, lowering the risk of injury.

As the flagship of the Mercedes-Benz model range, the Mercedes-Maybach satisfies the very highest requirements in terms of luxury appointments and comfort. In addition to all the amenities of the conventional S-Class, a number of exclusive interior touches underscore its ambition to lead. The Mercedes-Maybach S 600 arrives with the following outstanding appointments as standard: AIR-BALANCE Package, Chauffeur package, Front and Rear Comfort packages with Seat Heating Plus ‘hot stone’ massage, Executive rear seats with adjustable back rests, Exclusive package with Nappa leather upholstery, Front Seat Entertainment Package with SPLITVIEW, a Head-Up Display, Luxury front and rear seats, MAGIC BODY CONTROL, MAGIC VISION CONTROL, Night View Assist Plus, PRE-SAFE® Rear package and the innovative Touchpad.


The Mercedes-Maybach S 600 is now available to order with first arrivals expected late 2015. The manufacturer’s recommended list price* is as follows:

  • Mercedes-Maybach S 600 - $449,000*


* Manufacturer's List Price (MLP) excludes dealer delivery fees and the numerous statutory charges (commonly known as on-road costs). Additionally, please note that all prices, fees and charges are subject to change without notice, as are the specifications.



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