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The Chinese version of the new MG GS was shown
at the Shanghai Motor Show in April 2015.

MG prepares for an SUV

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8th May, 2015

MG Motor UK has confirmed that the MG GS will be launched in the UK in late 2016. This marks the debut into the medium SUV segment for MG.

At last month's Shanghai Motor Show an MG GS was displayed.

However, the vehicle shown is aimed at the Chinese market and will not be representative of the UK market version; which is currently under development and planned for launch in Q4 2016.

Variances may include engine size and type, as well as gearbox and drivetrain. Final specification of the UK market vehicle is currently being determined.

About MG

The Chinese-owned brand, now in its 91st year, sells in more than 40 countries across the world.

MGs Longbridge operation in the UK, where MGs are designed, engineered and where final assembly of British models takes place, is pivotal to the global MG marque.

MG sold 2,326 cars in the UK during 2014, up from 504 units in 2013.



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