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2006 Mitsubishi 380

4th July, 2005

Mitsubishi Motors today announced that its all-new locally manufactured large car would be known as the Mitsubishi "380".

Scheduled for release at the Australian International Motor Show in Sydney in mid-October, the new car had previously been known by its code-name PS41.

Mitsubishi's President and CEO, Tom Phillips said: "380 reflects what Australians want in a large car - style, space and a large engine - and the name is based on the car's 3.8 litre engine.

"380, or a variation of it, was suggested by many different areas and it researched exceptionally strongly.

"We have done more research on this car than any other, and the name and how people related to it was part of that research. We started out with about 220 names suggested by members of the public and employees, and we short-listed from that.

"It was not possible to use some of the names suggested for a variety of reasons, but we eventually researched seven potential names, including Galant but not including Magna.

"Importantly, '380' conjured up images of high technology, European standards, sophistication and performance with consumers. All of those attributes correlate directly with the positioning of our new car, and when added to the build quality that we are renowned for, and a large 3.8 litre engine '380' was a natural choice for the name of the car.

"380 certainly suggested a big engine, big car to consumers.

"We have said on numerous occasions in the past that this car will be the best quality car ever built in Australia, and that it is a car engineered for Australians. We have changed 70% of the car that was it's base, the American Galant, to make the car right for Australian conditions and Australian motorists. The name selection is another example of Mitsubishi Motors Australia making the right choice by personalising the car for Australian consumers," Mr Phillips said.

2006 Mitsubishi 380 engine
The new 3.8 litre engine for the Mitsubishi 380 ..... more



  • The initial study that recommended the Mitsubishi '380' be built in Australia was concluded in July 2001
  • Approval for the $600 million investment to produce the Mitsubishi '380' was given in April 2002
  • The first prototype vehicles began testing in Australia at the end of 2003
  • MMAL has now built 56 prototype (PZero and P1) vehicles for testing which has been done in Australia, Japan, Germany and Switzerland
  • Production of the Mitsubishi '380' will commence at MMAL's Adelaide plant mid-September 2005
  • The launch of the Mitsubishi '380' will be made at the Australian International Motor Show that opens in Sydney on 13th October, 2005.


  • The Mitsubishi '380' is powered by a 3.8 litre V6 engine, and is the first Australian manufactured vehicle to meet the newer, more stringent Euro 3 emission requirements, and tougher drive-by noise regulations
  • The Mitsubishi '380' was rated the most stylish car in its class in consumer clinics conducted in Sydney in July 2004
  • 75% of consumers attending the clinic rated the size of the Mitsubishi '380' as 'Just Right'
  • The Mitsubishi '380' will be the most space efficient large car on the market - it is smaller outside, but just as big on the inside as its competitors
  • The Mitsubishi '380' is sporty and agile across all models in the range - combining the power and size of a large Australian car with the sportiness normally associated with smaller, less powerful European or Japanese cars
  • The Mitsubishi '380' will have ride and handling characteristics to compete with well-known European cars
  • The Mitsubishi '380' will have the most comprehensive list of features available in an entry level Australian manufactured car
  • There will be entry, sporty and luxury variants in the Mitsubishi '380' range


  • Mitsubishi claim the '380' will be the best quality car ever built in Australia because:
      • over $250 million has been spent to upgrade the MMAL manufacturing facility to one of the most technologically advanced in Australia, using techniques not seen here before
      • MMAL's $30 million large transfer press can stamp out the side of a Mitsubishi '380' in one piece, thereby ensuring consistent panel gaps,
      • MMAL has introduced a new practice to weld the complete body at one time, thereby creating an extremely strong structure as the foundation of the car, and eliminating annoying body squeaks and rattles
      • MMAL will set new standards by reducing the panel gaps from 1.5mm to 0.7mm

2006 Mitsubishi 380

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