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Mitsubishi i-MiEV

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2nd December, 2010

Mitsubishi Motors Australia Limited (MMAL) will unveil Australia’s first ever fast charge electric vehicle recharging station later this month in Adelaide to service Mitsubishi’s innovative electric i-MiEV.

Located at MMAL headquarters in Clovelly Park, Adelaide, the Level 3 Electric Vehicle DC Fast Charge System will provide fast and convenient charging for the i-MiEV, one of the world’s first truly viable zero drive-time emission city commuter vehicles.

MMAL has worked with motoring club product and service supply company Club Assist to bring the latest electric car re-charging technology to Australia.

The Fast Charger charges the i-MiEV’s Lithium-ion battery to 80 per cent capacity in just 30 minutes and a 50 per cent charge is completed in under 12 minutes. The battery can also be charged from a normal 15 amp domestic household power supply, taking about seven hours to reach full capacity.

President and CEO of MMAL, Masahiko Takahashi, said he is thrilled to bring Australia’s first ever Fast Charger to Mitsubishi customers.

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“Mitsubishi i-MiEV drivers will now have access to a dedicated Fast Charge station reducing recharge time, in Adelaide,” Takahashi said.

“Mitsubishi continues to be industry leaders in electric vehicles and the Fast Charge station is the next step in making electric motoring accessible to a wider audience.”

Released in Japan in July 2009, the i-MiEV, which stands for Mitsubishi innovative Electric Vehicle, is perfect for commuting over shorter distances in a city landscape.

The i-MiEV is able to reach a top speed of 130 km/h and has a range of 160 kilometres* from a single charge (based on Japanese and European trial figures).

Utilising a large-capacity lithium-ion battery system and a compact, high-output electric motor in place of a traditional petrol power train, the i-MiEV has some impressive technical specifications for a zero drive-time emissions vehicle.

Producing 47 kW of power and 180 Nm of instant torque, the i-MiEV’s permanent magnet synchronous engine is supported by a revolutionary lithium-ion battery from Lithium Energy Japan.

The i-MiEV’s electric motor is smaller, produces more torque at low revolutions and is quieter than a similarly-powered turbocharged petrol engine (according to MMC in-house tests). Most importantly, the i-MiEV’s engine is cleaner, producing zero drive-time CO2 emissions.

NOTE: * Range may vary depending on a number of factors including use of climate controls, driving style, road conditions, number of passengers and the condition of the vehicle.


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