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Morgan Classic models return! (copyright image)

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15th November, 2010

Supply of the Classic Morgan models ceased at the end of 2006, due to a technical issue with Australian Design Rules.

That issue was recently resolved and supply has been resumed. Some customers had been waiting for over 3-years with deposits paid!

These orders have now received priority in the Morgan production queue and as a result seven cars will be produced for Australia before the end of this year.

Due to the strength of the Australian Dollar, it has been possible to reduce prices by approximately $20,000 compared to 2006, which is more good news for current customers. Powered by Ford engines, the Classic line-up is now:

Morgan 4/4 Sport 1.6 Inline 4 (82 kW) $78,500*
Morgan Plus 4 2.0 Inline 4 (106 kW) $89,910*
Morgan Roadster 3.0 V6 (165 kW) $122,900*
Morgan Roadster Sport 3.0 V6 (165 kW) $132,910*

The standard specifications of two Sport models include a number of high value options, such as leather trim and reclining seat backs, but colour choice and other options are limited. The other models continue the Morgan tradition of bespoke options, whereby customers can truly tailor the specifications of their car exactly in line with their requirements and taste.

Now in its 101st year, the family owned Morgan Motor Company will this year produce a record number of cars. Whilst high volume has never been a Morgan objective, around 800 cars will leave the iconic Morgan factory at Malvern Link in rural Worcestershire, England in 2010.

The Morgan Roadster

Whereas the Sport models are limited to a choice of 8 colours, for bespoke cars the Morgan factory will paint the car in any colour.

Likewise, for the interior trim, customers have a choice between 3 leather suppliers and a vast range of leather trim options. Decisions then also need to be made regarding matching or contrast piping, the colour of the soft top and even the colour of the carpet and carpet edging.

The new “easy-up” soft top is a big improvement in user friendliness, with the added bonus of better sealing than in days of yore.

Considering that the first Morgan 4-wheel car was designed in 1935 and the 4/4 model entered production in 1936, the Classic range boasts a longevity record unmatched in the automotive industry. Indeed, the 4/4 model badge is the longest lasting car model badge in the world.

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Morgan Aero SuperSports and Eva GT

Priced at $375,000*, the Morgan Aero SuperSports model continues as the flagship of the Morgan range in Australia and four cars will be delivered this year. Only 175 of these limited edition cars, powered by a 4.8 litre BMW V8 engine, will be produced.

Thereafter the production focus will shift to the recently announced Morgan Eva GT 4-seater coupe, which is due to enter production in mid-2012. The Eva GT will be powered by the 3.0 litre, BMW twin scroll turbo charged 6-cylinder N55 engine.

Whilst the new Eva GT will open up a new market for Morgan, the Classic models will still continue indefinitely, rewarding their owners with a classic driving experience. The view over the long Morgan bonnet, on any model, is best enjoyed on an open country road!

Morgan on three-wheels

Meanwhile, the Morgan Motor Company has announced that the Morgan Threewheeler, the model on which the company was founded in 1909, will make a comeback in 2011.

Billed as a “weekend fun car”, the Morgan Threewheeler is powered by a 1.8 litre Harley-Davidson “Screaming Eagle” V-twin engine.

Morgan with pedals

Then there is power to the pedals with the Morgan SuperSport Junior pedal car, of which 500 will be made. Thus far 5 Australian orders have been received for the $7,260 two metre long pedal car, designed for children up to about 13-years of age.

NOTE: * Prices exclude the traditional on-road costs (such as dealer delivery fees and the various statutory charges).


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