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2nd February, 2011

Following the return of the Ford engined Classic Morgan models to the Australian market late last year, ten orders have now been taken and the first three cars since supply ceased in 2006 were delivered in January 2011.

For the 2011 model year, there are now standard (bespoke) models and Sport models across the range. Importantly due to the new addition of the standard Morgan 4/4, it now means that it is possible to ‘drive-away’ from the Melbourne showroom in a new Victorian registered Morgan 4/4 for under $75,000.

Whilst interstate deliveries incur an extra delivery charge, the lower stamp duties in NSW, SA, Tasmania and in Queensland mean that the $75,000 price point is also possible for customers in those States.

For the 2011 model year, at least so long as the current exchange rate between the Australian Dollar and the British Pound remains, the Manufacturer's List Prices* (MLP*) for the Classic Morgan models are as follows:

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Morgan 4/4  1.6 In-line 4 - 82 kW: $68,200 (new model)
Morgan 4/4 Sport 1.6 In-line 4  - 82 kW: $69,300
Morgan Plus 4  2.0 In-line 4 - 106 kW: $89,910
Morgan Plus 4 Sport  2.0 In-line 4  - 106 kW: $91,440 (new model)
Morgan Roadster  3.0 V6  - 165 kW: $122,900
Morgan Roadster Sport  3.0 V6  - 165 kW: $124,330

The standard specifications of Sport models include a number of high value options, such as leather trim and reclining seat backs, but colour choice and other options are limited. The standard models continue the Morgan tradition of bespoke options, whereby customers can truly tailor the specifications of their car exactly in line with their requirements and taste.

The Morgan Roadster and the Roadster Sport

As the 'flagships' of the Classic Morgan range, the “bespoke” Roadster and the Roadster Sport now move closer in price.

The price of the Roadster Sport has been reduced by $8,580, thereby improving the value for money proposition that this model offers.

Both Roadsters provide exceptional performance, with the zero to 100 km/h acceleration mark being reached in under 5 seconds. This brisk performance is largely due to the low 938 kg weight of these cars, making it easy for the 3.0 litre Ford V6 powered Roadster models to provide exceptional performance, coupled with surprisingly low fuel consumption.

A trailing arm is now fitted as standard to the rear suspension of the Roadster models, complimenting the Australian made rear axle, which if fitted with a limited slip differential as standard.

The Morgan Plus 4 and the Plus 4 Sport

With the Morgan Plus 4 model celebrating 60 years of production in 2011, a Sport version is now added to the range.

The Sport models are visually different from the standard “bespoke” models by their striking Black wire wheels and the deletion of the overriders for a sportier look.

At only $1,530 more in price than the standard Morgan Plus 4, the Plus 4 Sport model offers exceptional value.

The Morgan 4/4 and the 4/4 Sport

It has been possible to reduce the manufacturer's list price* (MLP*) of the Morgan 4/4 Sport by $9,200, to just $69,300*. The new Morgan 4/4 model, enters the market at an even lower price of $68,200*! (copyright image)

Morgan Aero SuperSports

This is the first time, in a very long time, that new Morgans have been offered in the Australian market at under the $70,000* mark.

In part this is due to the fact that both 4/4 models slip in under the Luxury Car Tax barrier, due to their exceptionally low (combined rating) fuel consumption of 6.2 litres per hundred kilometres.

At 140 gm/s per kilometre, emissions are also environmentally friendly.

The Morgan Aero SuperSports

In closing, mention should also be made of the Aero SuperSports.

Production of the Limited Edition Morgan Aero SuperSports will cease in July 2011, when the last of these special cars will be built. Of the one hundred cars to be produced, four have been sold to Australian customers, with the last Australian car due to be delivered during the third quarter of 2011.

NOTE: * Manufacturer's List Price (MLP) excludes dealer delivery fees and the numerous statutory charges (commonly known as on-road costs). Additionally, please note that all prices, fees and charges are subject to change without notice.


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