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Morgan 3-Wheeler awaiting shipment to Australia

Morgan 3-Wheeler coming to Australia

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by Stephen Walker

8th March, 2013

The accompanying image shows a Morgan 3 Wheeler 'snapped' at Heathrow (London, UK) awaiting shipment as air freight to Melbourne. This car's journey makes a important step towards getting the little three-wheeler available to Australian buyers.

Today's 3 Wheeler is a noble nod to the Morgan 3 Wheeler of long ago. Intended for enthusiasts, the new 3-Wheeler will appeal to the curious and those who have everything else. Those who want to be first should be in the queue already!

The Morgan 3 Wheeler is a two-seater, but it is a tight fit so it should be noted that a warm friendship should exist between the occupants.

The car coming to Australia will undertake Australian Design Rule (ADR) compliance testing.

The Morgan 3-Wheeler will be in Melbourne, next week, at the Australian Grand Prix before undergoing the procedures necessary for compliance with the ADRs.

The local importer expects ADR compliance will be available during the second quarter of this year. It is likely that the first customer units could commence arriving by late 2013.

Further details and additional images of the Morgan 3 Wheeler, from 25th February 2011, are published with our news story ..... here.

Stay tuned to Next Car for further details in due course.



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