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New Morgan Aero SuperSport

Morgan Aero Supersports (copyright image)

Morgan Aero Supersports (copyright image)

Morgan Aero Supersports (copyright image)

Morgan Aero Supersports (copyright image)

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10th May, 2009

To celebrate the Morgan Centenary, England's Morgan Motor Company has just announced the sensationallimited edition Morgan Aero SuperSports. This new model made its debut at the prestigious, by invitation only, Villa d'Este concoursat Lake Como in Italyrecently.

Based on the Morgan Aero 8, the Aero SuperSports is a hardtop convertible version of the limited edition AeroMax coupe, of which just 100 examples have been built.

Consequently, it utilises the advanced aluminium chassis of the Aero 8 and uses the same BMW 4.8 litre V8 engine.It also offers customers thechoice of a 6-speed manual ZF gearbox, or the 6-speed ZF automatic transmission. Both models feature as standard an Australian designed and builtlimited slip final drive unit.

As a high specification vehicle, itshares other standard specifications with the Aero 8, such as electronic monitoring of tyre temperatures and pressures andother comfort and convenience features expected by customers in this segment of the market.

What makes the Aero SuperSport different to its competitorsis its light 1,180 kg weight and its sensational styling, emanating from the pen of the talented young Morgan designer, Matthew Humphries.

As all Morgans are also bespoke, built exactly to customer specifications, no two cars are exactly alike.Owners areable to express their discernment and taste by specifying a number of paint and trim features exactly in line with theirrequirements.

For example, the car can be painted in any automotive colour, the leather trim can be selected from a large range of samples from two leather suppliers and customers also need to specify aspects such as matching or contrast trim piping and stitching. The same applies to carpets and carpet trims.

Fittingly for a Morgan, four versions of interior wood trim are also on offer, as is the choice of a Graphite or spun Aluminium dash finish.

With its low weight and ample power from the 267 kW BMW engine, the Aero SuperSports lives up to its name with a zero to 100 km/h sprint time of 4.2 seconds for the automatic transmissionversion, which is slightly faster and more economical than the manual gearbox version. Top speed is 270 km/h.

An environmentally friendly by-product of the light weight design is class leading low fuel consumption and low emissions values.

Despite the global economic turmoil, it is pleasing to note thatproduction at the Morganfactory in Worcestershire, Englandis running at an undiminished pace, so much so that production of the current Series 4 version Aero 8 will cease at the end of this year, to make capacity available for the production of the Aero SuperSports in 2010. Consequently, aspirant Aero 8 owners should confirm their orders soon, before all the final production slots are taken.

Whilst final pricing of the Aero SuperSports cannot yet be confirmed, it is expected to be in the region of $370,000 (RRP), making the 2009 purchase of the Aero 8 at $255,000 (RRP) a rather attractive proposition.

Morgan Cars Australia (Melbourne) is now accepting orders for the new Aero SuperSports, for delivery in 2010 and for the Aero 8, for delivery in 2009.

With demand and production at record levels, the future of Morgan Motor Company, apparently now the oldest and largest British owned car company, continues to look good.


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