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Nissan's American V8 to be exported to Japan

Nissan's V8 (copyright image)

Nissan's V8 will be used in the Infiniti QX56 and Nissan Patrol, together with America's Nissan Titan and Armada.

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22nd September, 2009

A Nissan plant in USA has commenced production of engines for the Infiniti QX56 which will be manufactured in Japan. The engine also power the American manufactured Nissan Titan and Armada.

Nissan’s powertrain assembly plant in Decherd, Tennessee, recently manufactured the first engine that will be exported to Japan for assembly in the next-generation Infiniti QX56 luxury full-size sport utility vehicle. This marks the first time a Nissan plant in the United States has exported an engine to Japan.

“For 12 years, technicians at Nissan’s Decherd plant have consistently built high-quality engines for vehicles assembled in the United States,” said Rick Youngblood, director and plant manager, Nissan - Decherd. “This confirms our ongoing commitment to quality and provides tremendous satisfaction knowing this engine will be in an Infiniti vehicle made in Japan and sold around the world.”

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The engine is a 5.6-litre, V8 with 320 hp and 393 lb-ft. of torque. It is similar to the engine currently offered in the Nissan Titan utility and Armada full-size SUV. Nissan’s Decherd plant is manufacturing the engine head, cylinder block and crankshaft for the V8 engine. The head, cylinder block and crankshaft also will be exported to Japan and used for an engine assembled in the Nissan Patrol full-size 4x4 vehicle.

“The V8 engine built in Decherd has played a key role in the success of our full-size product line-up in North America,” said Gary Edwards, director of Engineering. “It’s exciting to know the technicians and the engine and parts they build will play an important part in the future of Nissan on a global basis.”

Nissan’s decision to export the engine was based largely on the Decherd plant’s competitive ability to produce the engine for the world market. In addition, tooling is already in place at the Decherd facility avoiding a transition period required to move and install the manufacturing equipment in Japan.

The engine will be shipped to Nissan’s Shatai Kyushu Manufacturing Plant where it will be assembled in the QX56. The engine head, cylinder block and crankshaft will be sent to a Nissan plant in Yokohama, Japan where it will be assembled and put in the Nissan Patrol.


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