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The Nissan Altima is coming to Australia in 2013.

Nissan Altima unveiled

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5th April, 2012

Nissan Australia today announced its upcoming entry in the medium car segment with the appearance of the all-new Altima at America's New York Motor Show this morning (Australian time). It will arrive in Australian showrooms in the second half of 2013.

Two decades after the original Nissan Altima revolutionised the traditional mid-size sedan segment in North America, Nissan’s new model is about to shake up the category all over again. Making its world debut at the New York Motor Show, the 2013 Nissan Altima is once again poised to become the new benchmark in the hotly contested American segment when it goes on sale at Nissan US dealers later this year.

The new Nissan Altima offers numerous segment defining attributes that enhance the ownership experience and provide real customer value, including:

  • Premium exterior styling with a powerful presence and improved aerodynamics
  • Upscale interior, including NASA-inspired “zero-gravity” seats, an Advanced Drive-Assist™ Display and BOSE® Premium Audio System
  • An outstanding balance of ride comfort, stability and fun-to-drive demeanour
  • Standard Bluetooth® Hands-Free Phone System and Streaming Audio via Bluetooth®
  • Next-generation Safety Shield Technologies, including Blind Spot Warning (BSW), Lane Departure Warning (LDW) and Moving Object Detection (MOD) systems

“In a segment as critical as this, with long time nameplates and new challengers fighting for every sale, it’s not enough to just target the competition. You have to think outside – and far above – the segment,” said Brian Carolin, senior vice president, Sales and Marketing, Nissan North America, Inc.

Most Innovative Altima Ever

The 2013 Altima is one of five all-new Nissan models set for introduction in the US in the next 15 months and, as the second best-selling car in the United States in 2011, much is riding on the new fifth generation Nissan Altima.

“The safe thing to do would be to follow other automakers’ paths, conservatively evolving the Altima so as not to upset the existing owner base. But that would not be in keeping with Nissan’s ‘Innovation for All’ philosophy,” explained Carolin. “We took our most successful model and changed nearly everything – the look, the feel, the driving experience and, of course, the technology down to even the headlights and windshield wipers.”

The result is a vehicle that builds on the strong fundamental reputation, earned over four generations and two decades, for quality and reliability and adds new levels of innovation, fuel-efficiency, dynamic performance and premium style.

A Premium Presence

Among the new Nissan Altima’s many new features, perhaps the one that stands out most is its “class above” appeal, which is apparent at first look and first touch of both the exterior and interior executions.

“Mid-size sedan buyers are traditionally motivated first and foremost by the rational aspects of the purchase decision – excellent value, reliability and comfort, which Altima shares with a number of other nameplates. But Altima buyers have never been satisfied with owning just another boring mid-size sedan,” said Carolin. “The new Altima meets all of the rational purchase reasons, but delivers them in a way that is also emotionally rewarding. And it does so through both its dynamic appearance and dynamic driving performance.”

The 2013 Nissan Altima’s all-new exterior design starts with its wide, aggressive stance and dramatic front end styling. Though retaining the same wheelbase as the previous generation Altima, it has a wider front and rear track and deeper mud guards – which combine with a crisp new grille design, seamless bumper and projector-type headlights to make for a bold, sophisticated appearance.

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Altima’s new “premium proportions” continue with the longer sloping rear roofline and raised boot that combine to provide a more fluid silhouette. The A-pillar angle is now slightly more sloped, and the drip rail has been lowered and the waistline raised. In addition, the deep-stamped boot has been raised and expanded. The new body design is capped by large taillights (with LED taillights standard on SL models) that flow from the rear into the body sides. Chrome trim and door handles accent the available palette of eight rich exterior colours. Attention to aerodynamic fine-tuning gives the new Nissan Altima a lower coefficient of drag.

“The new Altima represents an astonishing transformation – fresh but still pure Altima, aggressive and premium at the same time. The new look is fit and athletic, just the way Altima drives,” added Carolin.

The new Nissan Altima’s interior defies mid-size sedan convention, rivalling upscale luxury sedans in ambience and sophistication. Like the exterior, there is a premium look and feel – from the driver’s side cockpit to the front passenger and rear seating areas – with extensive use of upscale, soft-touch materials and craftsman-like attention to detail.

“The new Altima’s interior offers just the right balance of mature sophistication with a highly dynamic and emotional edge. It’s refined, not gimmicky, with features that you’d expect to find on a much more expensive vehicle,” said Carolin.

NASA-Inspired “Zero-Gravity” Seats, Quiet Cabin

In the desire to help reduce the fatigue experienced during long commutes or extended road trips, Nissan turned to seating and posture research from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). According to NASA, the least fatiguing seats are those that come closest to a “neutral posture” – a relaxed position that the human body takes in a weightless environment.

Utilising a new articulated seat shape with continuous support from the pelvis to the chest and distribution of localised deformation characteristics, the “zero-gravity” Altima seats help reduce muscular and spinal loads, and improve blood flow – thereby helping reduce fatigue over long periods behind the wheel. Seat surface perforations provide increased ventilation, breathability and comfort. Heated front seats are also available.

Along with premium seat comfort, the new Nissan Altima offers premium quietness through efforts to reduce cabin noise coming from the powertrain (new engine and exhaust mount designs), climate system (increased HVAC mounting rigidity) and the body (increased body rigidity) versus the previous Altima design. New noise absorption materials with a 30 per cent increase in absorption capability (versus previous Altima) are also used throughout the cabin, including areas such as the roof trim, instrument panel and floor mats.

The 2013 Nissan Altima offers standard cloth seating with a 6-way driver’s seat and a 4-way adjustable front passenger seat, 60/40 split folding rear bench seat with armrest, and Piano Black interior trim with chrome finish accents.

NOTE: This story relates to the Nissan Altima which will be sold in USA. Australian model availability and specifications will be announced in due course.


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