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Revised Nissan Dualis line-up released

Nissan Dualis (copyright image)

Nissan Dualis (copyright image)

Nissan Dualis 2WD

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14th August, 2009

Nissan extends the appeal of the Dualis model range, adding a new 2WD version and simplifying the Dualis AWD line-up. Standard specifications improve and prices now start at a highly competitive $24,990 (plus dealer delivery and statutory charges).

Nissan Australia has significantly enhanced the market appeal of the versatile Dualis 'family' with the arrival of a new front-wheel drive model.

The Dualis 2WD Hatch will target buyers of small hatches with strong visual appeal, safety, spaciousness, flexible interior and an attractive entry price; all key factors that have supported the success of Dualis in Europe since 2007.

The Nissan Dualis AWD was introduced to Australia in January 2008 in ST and Ti grades (the ST model was also available with a safety option pack).

Now, Nissan has reconfigured Dualis specifications in the Australian market to provide it with unrivalled value.

There will now be Dualis 2WD and Dualis AWD models on offer later this month, both of which are available in ST and Ti equipment grades.

The previous Dualis ST Option pack is now incorporated as standard in the ST variant.

The premium specification of the Dualis AWD Ti remains unchanged and is shared with the Dualis 2WD Ti.

The only difference between the Dualis 2WD and Dualis AWD is the drivetrain and the price.

The entry model to the Dualis range, the new 6-speed manual Dualis 2WD ST Hatch is priced at a value-driven $24,990 (plus dealer delivery and statutory charges).

The 6-speed manual Nissan Dualis AWD ST model is now priced at only $26,990 (plus dealer delivery and statutory charges).

The Dualis 2WD ST with the Xtronic Continuously Variable Transmission with six-speed M-MODE is priced from $27,490 (plus dealer delivery and statutory charges), while the Dualis AWD with the CVT transmission is priced at $29,490 (plus dealer delivery and statutory charges).

The Ti specification grades add $3,000 to the price of both the Dualis 2WD and Dualis AWD in both manual and CVT transmissions.

MY2010 Nissan Dualis pricing

Dualis 2WD
ST Manual: $24,990
ST CVT: $27,490
Ti Manual: $27,990
Ti CVT: $30,490

Dualis AWD
ST Manual: $26,990
ST CVT: $29,490
Ti Manual: $29,990
Ti CVT: $32,490

Metallic paint $495

(All prices quoted are manufacturer prices and are exclusive of dealer delivery and statutory charges)

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Nissan Dualis 2WD Hatch Highlights

The most successful model ever produced by Nissan in Europe is about to become more popular in Australia with the arrival of the Dualis 2WD Hatch.

The Nissan Dualis was the first vehicle designed by the Nissan Design Europe facility in Paddington, London. It has been an overwhelming success in Europe, with close to 400,000 units sold. The Nissan Dualis is one of the top-ten selling cars in the UK at present. The UK is Europe’s most competitive market and Nissan’s largest market in the EU. The strong, distinctive styling of the Dualis AWD, with its five-star ANCAP occupant safety-rating, its inherent user-friendliness, SUV-cues, and eager, agile performance, will now also be available as the Dualis 2WD Hatch.

With its high-riding body and spacious interior, the new Dualis 2WD will have great appeal to urban couples looking for more safety, style, features and flexibility than conventional hatchbacks can offer.

The new Nissan Dualis 2WD will be offered in ST and Ti equipment levels and be priced from a highly competitive $24,990 (plus dealer delivery and statutory charges, when it goes on sale in Australia next week).

The luxury of the Ti model’s heated leather seat upholstery is unique among its hatch rivals. The Dualis 2WD slots neatly into the Nissan range between the Tiida hatch and the Dualis AWD and larger X-TRAIL 4WD. It is more accommodating than a traditional hatch yet physically smaller than a compact SUV. The Nissan Dualis 2WD is a very safe vehicle thanks in part to six airbags, active head restraints, Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC), Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD) and Traction Control System (TCS). It was awarded the maximum 5-star ANCAP rating.

Like the Nissan Dualis AWD, the Dualis 2WD is powered by an aluminium 2.0-litre petrol engine producing 102 kW and returning an impressive 8.2-litres per 100 km in six-speed manual guise, or 8.3 l/100 km for the optionally available Xtronic CVT with six speed M-MODE.

“The genius of the Dualis 2WD is that it meets the needs of hatchback buyers who want more space and flexibility but don’t need an AWD vehicle,” said Dan Thompson, CEO of Nissan Motor Co. (Australia).

“The Dualis 2WD will bring younger buyers from other brands to Nissan.”

“The Dualis 2WD is a “Hatch Plus”. Many small car buyers have grown out of their regular hatchbacks and they appreciate the SUV-like styling, commanding driving position and safety engineering and features the Dualis 2WD delivers.”

“The competitive price point will come as a pleasant surprise, too. Dualis 2WD is pitched at the heart of the hatchback market and has a compelling value-for-money story to tell,” Dan said.

Provided with the agility, performance and size of a five-door hatch and the physical attributes of a compact SUV, there are few competitors to compete with the Nissan Dualis 2WD Hatch.

Nissan has evolved the concept of the city hatch for Australian urban car buyers. When Nissan’s UK-based design team began researching the concept that became the Dualis, they realised very early on that buyers in the small car segment were rejecting conventional small hatchbacks and sedans as not being exciting or distinctive.

As cars became an extension of the driver’s personality fewer people wanted to be seen as conventionalists.

To cater for these buyers, Nissan had to design a new type of car.

The resulting Dualis has succeeded in crossing buyers over. Its sales success in many European markets, especially in the UK, is notable.

In fact, the Dualis is the most successful model ever produced and sold by Nissan in Europe. It is sold around 20 markets in Europe.

The Dualis smashed all expectations early on in Europe, with 40,000 more orders than expected in its first six months alone; almost double the initial target. Some customers endured a wait of up to eight months for their car.

The secret to its success lies in the fact that buyers recognise that the Dualis brings something new to the market.

The strong, distinctive styling of the Dualis and flexibility with SUV undertones, combined with the performance and personality of a European hatchback appeals strongly to buyers, as does its size.

The Dualis is an alternative to small hatchbacks; it is manoeuvrable enough to easily commute around town, yet flexible enough to pack full of possessions for weekend hobbies.

In Australia, the Dualis enjoys a unique position, straddling two of the largest vehicle segments in the market; small cars, with more than 225,000 sales per year and the popular compact SUV segment, with around 85,000 sales.

A five-door hatch with an elevated driving position, multi-configurable interior and high level of specification is sure to have broad appeal among the biggest segment of passenger car buyers.

The new Dualis 2WD sits comfortably between the Tiida Hatch and the Dualis AWD and X-TRAIL 4WD.

The Dualis 2WD also boasts economy and handling comparable with mainstream hatchbacks, with the benefit of the elevated driving position. From behind the wheel the sense is entirely that of a European hatchback, with high quality touch-points.

The Nissan Dualis with its low roofline, short overhangs and compact exterior make it the ideal urban transport. The command driving position delivers improved visibility and a sensation of security and control, yet the step-in height is perfect for customers of all ages. The high entry/egress point means occupants neither step up nor slide down to enter the car. By the way, Nissan Dualis 2WD and AWD share the same ride height.

The styling is a standout shape that is aerodynamically efficient, more 'muscular' than a hatchback, yet retaining a sleek look, especially in profile.

Interior styling is also notable for its cockpit feel, with the key switchgear and controls placed around the driver.

Passengers front and rear enjoy the feeling of spaciousness and comfort.

The load area swallows 410 litres of luggage. This space is extendable to 1,513 litres with the 60/40 split-fold rear seats pushed flat, or 860 litres with the seats folded and the load area packed to the window-line. With minimal intrusion from the rear suspension, the maximum width in the boot is 1,188 mm while the loading height is 779 mm.

The Dualis 2WD can go from a commuter car to the weekend load carrier in seconds. It has been designed with a high level of flexibility in mind to meet the needs of young buyers with active lifestyles.


The all-aluminium four-cylinder MR20 petrol engine is of 2.0-litre capacity and generates 102 kW at 5,200 rpm. Maximum torque of 198 Nm arrives at 4,500 rpm.

This latest generation lightweight engine delivers spirited performance and impressive fuel economy. A full 90 per cent of maximum torque is available from 2,000 rpm to give a broad power band for satisfying acceleration.

The Dualis 2WD consumes just 8.2 litres of petrol per 100 km on the combined test cycle, 8.3 l/100 km for the Xtronic six-mode CVT.

The Dualis AWD model is fitted with an identical engine/gearbox combination with the addition of the acclaimed All MODE 4x4 system, consuming 8.4 l/100 km in manual guise and 8.5 l/100 km as a CVT auto; the similarity in fuel consumption explained by the fact that the AWD model runs in 2WD mode on the consumption cycle, with only the weight of the AWD transmission adding marginally to the consumption. The Dualis 2WD model emits just 196g/km of carbon dioxide (204g/km for the Dualis AWD manual).

The latest generation Xtronic CVT with Manual Mode (M-Mode) gives a computer controlled ‘stepless’ transmission providing a virtually limitless number of ratios, ensuring the engine is always working as efficiently as possible.

The CVT option is more comfortable too: a long uphill drive in a conventional automatic will invariably be accompanied by regular downshifts as the engine hunts for power.

With CVT, the engine revs stay constant as the transmission itself adjusts seamlessly to ensure momentum is maintained. For a more sporty drive, the CVT system has a manual override. Operated via the central gear shifter, six set ratios can be accessed manually by nudging the lever forward or back. Push the lever forward to go to a higher ratio, or pull back to go down.

Generous and relaxing interior

The elevated seating position not only provides better visibility out of the vehicle but also promotes a sense of security. But the raised seating position is not so high as to compromise the driving enjoyment and comfort of the car: it really is the best of both worlds.

A further benefit of the higher roofline is that occupants sit comparatively upright which translates into more interior leg, shoulder and head room.

The interior of the Dualis 2WD was designed to meet the needs of modern urban commuters and adventurers.

The convenient storage and flexible interior options include a 14 litre cooled glove box. The door of the glove box includes an integrated sunglasses holder.

Front and rear door pockets have integrated bottle holders that can take a 500 ml bottle. Front door pockets can also store an A4 sized book.

The Dualis 2WD Ti model also boasts a front passenger under-seat storage drawer, ideal for storing things out of sight.

In addition there is a 3.5 litre centre console storage box that can hold up to eight CDs.

The Ti model also offers a rear centre armrest with two bottle holders.

Greater ground clearance

Ground clearance is 188 mm and the vehicle has approach and departure angles of 19.2 deg and 30.2 deg… far more practical for the urban jungle or weekend adventures than most hatchbacks.

Safety engineering

With a five-star ANCAP safety rating and a swag of electronic chassis safety systems, the Nissan Dualis 2WD is safe and secure.

Safety is one of the key attributes of the Nissan Dualis. Active safety equipment includes Anti-lock Brakes (ABS) with Brake Assist (BA) and Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD) while the now standard VDC electronic stability programme gives drivers the peace-of-mind they need for slippery or tricky driving conditions. Passive safety equipment starts with six airbags standard on all models. As well as dual stage driver and front passenger airbags, there are thorax side airbags mounted in the front seats and full-length curtain airbags on both sides giving extra protection for all occupants in a side impact.

Active head restraints are also included on the front seats, minimising the likelihood of neck injury in the case of rear impact.

Nissan Safety Systems

Vehicle Dynamic Control, Nissan’s electronic stability programme, is an advanced standard safety feature, which helps drivers retain control of their vehicle during critical situations to avoid serious accidents. The VDC system compares the actions of the driver with the momentary vehicle behaviour and activates the ABS and traction control accordingly, to initiate appropriate corrective action by selectively braking individual wheels and controlling engine power. This stabilises the vehicle and keeps it on its intended path.

The Traction Control System limits tyre slip for safer driving. When the system senses one wheel is spinning faster than the others, it automatically reduces engine power and pumps that wheel’s brake to reduce speed.

Brake Assist maintains maximum deceleration during an emergency stop while EBD constantly alters the front/rear balance to achieve optimum brake performance, automatically compensating for differing load conditions.

Inventing the Dualis

Nissan has shifted perceptions of what a hatch can do to meet the evolving needs of modern urban couples.

The small car market is historically conservative, with few mainstream entrants ever straying from a tried and trusted course. However, this is precisely why Nissan has come along with the Dualis, to think outside the square but also to meet the needs of a growing band of customers for whom the one-size-fits-all concept is no longer relevant. One of the key aims for the Nissan Dualis in Europe was to appeal to customers who previously had not considered Nissan.

The results are startling, with more than 450,000 examples sold in Europe, Japan and Australia in the past two years.

In Europe, the mini-MPV segment was also quite well established, but yet the market still wanted something with more pizzazz.

Enter the Nissan Dualis. The Nissan Dualis can appeal to both the heart and the head, offering the best of all worlds. It provides the dynamic driving experience of a hatchback, as well as the safety and security that goes hand-in-hand with a compact SUV.

In Australia, Dualis 2WD customers are expected to be young couples perhaps with an infant or small children.

They usually live in the city, are aged from 25-34 and are typical of the mobile generation. They like to follow fashion, music and technology and they enjoy an active lifestyle. They are often white-collar workers or engaged in 21st century businesses. For these customers versatility must be linked with style. Their car must give them access to their weekend pursuits.

Key triggers for purchase will be the five-star ANCAP safety rating, the command driving position, ample space for people and shopping, agility, performance and responsiveness and the flexibility for the vehicle to accommodate their changing needs.

The Nissan Dualis 2WD is well equipped and especially so in the Ti model which features leather upholstery and heated seats, features that none of its small hatch competitors can offer.

The drive computer, full size spare wheel, rain-sensing wipers, integrated Bluetooth® Handsfree phone system and auto-on headlamps are also unusual in this market segment. The distinctively different exterior styling, attractive, European-ambience interior design and quality touches will also entice.

MY2010 Nissan Dualis 2WD Summary

2WD ST Hatch:
All-aluminium MR20, 2.0-litre, DOHC, 24 valve 4cyl, 102 kW, 198 Nm
6-speed Manual or Optional Xtronic Continuously Variable Automatic Transmission (CVT) with 6-speed Manual Mode (M-Mode)
Driver and front passenger front-impact SRS airbags
Driver and front passenger side-impact SRS airbags
Front to rear SRS curtain airbags
Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) with Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD) and Brake Assist (BA)
Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC)
Traction Control System (TCS)
Front active head restraints
Front seatbelt pretensioners and load limiters
Height adjustable driver’s seat
4-wheel disc brakes
16-inch alloy wheels (full-size spare wheel)
Cruise control with steering wheel controls
Air conditioning with pollen filter
Power windows/mirrors
Tilt and telescopic steering adjustment
14-litre cooled glove box
Sunglasses holder
12-volt power socket.
16 x 6.5JJ alloy wheels shod with 215/65 R16 tyres

2WD Ti Hatch (all of the features of the 2WD ST plus):
Leather upholstery
Leather steering wheel
Heated front seats
6 CD in-dash auto-changer with AM/FM radio and six speakers
Steering wheel audio controls
Bluetooth® Handsfree phone integration with steering wheel controls
Automatic headlights
Rain sensing front wipers
Front fog lights
Front passenger under seat storage drawer
Rear seat armrest
Sliding front centre console armrest
Drive computer

The arrival of the Nisan Dualis 2WD also marks a change in the colour palette, with Urban Silver and Fired Iron replaced by Bluestone and Flame Red.


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