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Nissan Dualis Series II released

Nissan Dualis Series II (copyright image)

Nissan Dualis Series II (copyright image)

Nissan Dualis Series II (copyright image)

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21st April, 2010

Nissan’s successful European-designed, British-built Dualis compact hatch is evolving with the release of a Series II range that boasts a more refined, premium look and valuable improvements in specification and efficiency.

The Nissan Dualis has exceeded company sales expectations every year since its launch in March 2007 in Europe, carving a sizeable niche for itself among customers wishing to merge the driving dynamics of a small hatch with the practicality, versatility, and (in ALL MODE 4x4 guise) the sure-footedness of a compact SUV.

In Europe, and increasingly in Australia, the Nissan Dualis has become the savvy alternative to both the traditional hatch and the bulkier SUV. Its five-star ANCAP rating, high level of equipment, plus the economy and handling comparable with smaller cars, gives it segment-leading performance.

The Nissan Dualis has notched up 500,000 sales in Europe alone, a significant achievement. More than 80 per cent of Dualis customers have been new to the Nissan brand, underlining the appeal of the vehicle concept.

Available in Australia in 2WD and ALL MODE 4x4, and attractively priced and well specified, the Nissan Dualis has seen sales escalate sharply in past months and contribute a greater share of overall Nissan Australia sales.

The arrival of the Series II range, together with the new 7-seater Dualis+2 (due for release in July), brings a further refinement of the model line-up, as well as some significant new additional specification as standard.

For the top-of-the-range Ti model, the equipment list bulges with new features such as standard panoramic sunroof, dual zone auto climate control, 18-inch alloy wheels, rear privacy glass and the Nissan Intelligent Key for keyless starting and entry/locking.

Aero efficiency improvements have reduced combined-cycle fuel consumption to 8.1 litres per 100 km for the manual and 8.2 l/100 km for the CVT auto (a 0.1 litre/100 km saving over the previous model).

The new aerodynamic efficiencies, combined with revised engine management, also reduce emissions on 4x4 models by 7 gms/km (4x2 models 4 gms/km).

Range revamp and specification additions

The Series II Nissan Dualis introduces even more attractive features and equipment as standard across the two existing grades, ST and Ti.

For Series II, the Nissan Dualis 2WD is available in both ST and Ti grades, while the Nissan Dualis ALL MODE 4x4 chassis is only available in top-of-the-range Ti grade. Both 2WD and ALL MODE 4x4 are available with either a manual or CVT auto transmission.

New features for Series II Dualis ST grade includes: new design 16-inch alloy wheels (with a full size spare), steering wheel audio controls, Bluetooth® handsfree phone system with steering wheel controls and new exterior styling.

Carry-over standard equipment on the Dualis 2WD ST models include: Cruise control with steering wheel controls, air conditioning, disc brakes all round, ABS/EBD with Brake Assist, Vehicle Dynamics Control (VDC) and Traction Control System (TCS), MP3 aux input, and six airbags including front to rear SRS curtain airbags.

The Series II Nissan Dualis 2WD Ti model adds a new panoramic glass roof with power sunshade, 18-inch alloy wheels, dual zone auto climate control, Intelligent Key keyless entry and rear privacy glass.

This is in addition to the previously comprehensive standard equipment list comprising leather upholstery, 6-CD in-dash auto-changer with MP3/WMA compatibility and 6-speakers, automatic headlights, rain-sensing front wipers, front fog lights, front heated seats and front passenger under-seat storage.

In addition, the Series II Nissan Dualis ALL MODE 4x4 Ti model gains silver roof rails.

Exterior changes

The most notable Series II changes from the outside are a completely revised front end, dominated by a more sophisticated look.

The all new bonnet, front bumper, guards, grille and headlamps combine to give the Nissan Dualis an air of added premium sophistication, presence and quality.

The two distinctive raised strakes on the bonnet are now longer, finishing closer to the front lip.

The front edge of the bonnet is shaped to more closely hug the headlamps, giving a tighter, more precise finish, reinforcing the feeling of quality.

A more dynamic and aggressive headlamp shape adds greater presence to the front by being flatter than the previous design. The visual effect makes the lamp appear to be wrapped around the front corner of the car.

The internal design of the headlamp unit is more technical, with intricate detailing for each of the three elements – low beam, high beam and the turn indicator.

The lower bumper area has been reshaped around the air intake, to optimise airflow to the radiator, but with the added benefit of giving a more purposeful appearance.

The original radiator grille is replaced by a sportier honeycomb design, which also adds to its air of premium sophistication.

The grille retains the centrally mounted Nissan logo surrounded by the three-sided chromed frame, which is Nissan’s signature grille motif for Cross-overs. The vertical arms of the chrome frame appear to be continuations of the strakes set into the bonnet, giving further visual cohesion and strength to the overall impression.

In addition to the new, stronger look, the revised panel work and grille designs assist an improvement in aerodynamic efficiency, which leads to a lower coefficient of drag, and a small reduction in fuel consumption.

Styling changes at the rear are limited to a new, clear lens cover for the reversing and turn indicators, and a lower red section for the brake and park lights.

New for the Series II Dualis are 12-globe LED stop lamps to provide maximum clarity.

Eagle-eyed observers will notice a slight reprofiling of the spoiler mounted atop the tailgate to reduce aerodynamic drag still further.

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Continuing the efficiency improvement theme are changes to the underfloor design to optimise airflow and reduce drag. These include a smoother floor area around the engine, additional flat panels along the length of the underbody and optimised deflectors around the front and rear wheels.

The sum of all these aerodynamic changes to the vehicle body reduces the coefficient of drag from 0.34 to 0.33.

Minor retuning of the suspension serves to improve the ride comfort and responsiveness of a vehicle that is already hailed by customers for its combination of hatch-like dynamic driving and robust compact SUV values.

Two new exterior colours have been added to the existing line-up of Blade, Flame Red, Pearl Black and Cayman Blue: These are Mineral Grey and Nightshade. Both colours complement the philosophy of added sophistication that runs through the overall restyling.

Additionally, a new 16-inch alloy wheel is fitted as standard to the Dualis ST 2WD, and a new 18-inch light alloy wheel design is fitted to the Dualis Ti 2WD and AWD models.

Interior Changes

The updated Series II Nissan Dualis will feature a new, cleaner instrument cluster design focused on delivering added clarity and legibility to the main dials.

The road and engine speed gauges feature white increments on a black background, with red needles. They are also surrounded with chrome bezels.

Within the RPM dial on the left of the binnacle, a smaller temperature gauge is mounted and mirroring that on the speed indicator on the right, is the fuel gauge.

Between the two principal dials is a redesigned drive computer with a white LCD screen showing average fuel consumption, distance travelled, elapsed time, range and cruise control settings.

New low-level lighting around the front footwells presents a warm, welcoming glow on entry.

Oddment storage has been improved to boost convenience, with a new cubby at the base of the central dash column. This is ideal for holding a portable audio player.

For 2WD models where the ALL MODE selector is not fitted, there is a new space for keys and car park tickets etc. conveniently located between the seats just behind the gear selector.

The Series II Nissan Dualis is now quieter and more refined inside thanks to the adoption of a new, improved NVH-cancelling multi-layer insulation material affixed to the front bulkhead. In addition, an ‘acoustic’ windscreen reduces the transmission of noise, while wind noise from around the A-pillar has been reduced with a new window sealing solution.

Dualis Production

The Dualis was designed at Nissan Design Europe based in Paddington, London. Principal engineering was undertaken at Nissan Technical Centre Europe, in Bedfordshire, UK. The Nissan Dualis models for Australia are manufactured at Nissan’s factory in Sunderland, in the northeast of England.


“The Dualis has played a key role in reinforcing Nissan’s position as an innovator in the European market, and the recent introduction of the 2WD version in Australia has provided a spur to sales,” said Dan Thompson, CEO of Nissan Australia.

“The Dualis is a highly-competitive, stylish, safe and reliable Nissan 5-door that is able to win sales from traditional small hatchback rivals in the Australian market.”

“It now accounts for almost 10 per cent of our sales in Australia, and this is expected to increase with the arrival of the Series II models. We see the Dualis cementing its position as a design and innovation leader, providing an exciting alternative to traditional hatches.”

New Nissan Dualis Series II Pricing (April 2010)

Dualis 2WD ST Manual - $24,990*
Dualis 2WD ST CVT - $27,490*
Dualis 2WD TI Manual - $29,690*
Dualis 2WD TI CVT - $32,190*
Dualis AWD TI Manual - $31,890*
Dualis AWD TI CVT - $34,390*

NOTE: * Manufacturer’s list price does not include dealer delivery fees or the various statutory charges.


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