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7th October, 2010

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. announced today that its newly introduced compact sports crossover, Nissan Juke, is a hit with consumers, having recorded over 50,000 unit orders around the world in the four months since its launch in Japan.

Nissan Juke has surpassed expectations in Japan by racking up over 20,000 orders since the order books opened in June. This breaks the target 1,300 unit sales per month by more than x-fold. In Europe, beginning with its price announcement in June, pre-orders have reached more than 30,000. Customer deliveries in Europe begin this month. Meanwhile, the Nissan Juke goes on sale this week in the USA.

Ushering in a new genre of vehicles, Nissan Juke combines the agility of a sports coupe, dexterity of a compact car, and the robust character of an SUV. From its sporty front and rear lights to its large, imposing mudguards, it stands out with its bold design and strong imagery.

"The demand for Juke underlines customers' warm reception towards its innovative concept and value, breaking barriers in what is considered an all new category. It is not surprising that it's stylish design captures people's heart. Delivering a whole new experience by integrating the appeals of a sports coupe and crossover, drivers will be amazed by its agility and smart body motion control through advanced technology." said Akihisa Suzuki, Nissan's Global Chief Marketing Manager for the Juke.

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In Japan, not only dynamic design and strong handling but also fuel-efficient performance, which qualifies for tax exemption on eco-friendly vehicles, and its affordable price has attracted a wide range of customers. European customers are attracted by its bold design, an agressive look which Nissan's research shows is lacking in today's compact-car market. In the US, Nissan Juke is highly anticipated as customers look forward to its design, handling and the new "I-CON system" ("Nissan Dynamic Control System" in Europe, "Intelligent Control System" in Japan), which simultaneously handles climate control and driving modes.

Nissan Juke is currently manufactured at Nissan plants in Oppama, Japan, and in Sunderland, UK. Plans have been announced to also include Indonesia, with manufacturing and sales to begin there in 2011.


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