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Opel introduces "Capped Price" servicing (copyright image)

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13th September, 2012

With Opel now on sale in Australia, the German-based General Motors owned brand is joining the increasing number of automotive brands offering "capped price" servicing to their customers. Opel Australia has announced two customer care programmes for new vehicle owners.

In a first for German brands in its segment, Opel Australia has introduced Opel Service Plus, a capped price servicing programme standard across all new Opel vehicles.

Opel Service Plus covers the scheduled servicing of the vehicle for the first three years or 45,000 kms of travel, whichever occurs first.

Opel Service Plus is available across the entire Opel Australia range starting with the Corsa at $249, the Astra line-up including diesel and the GTC models priced at $299 and the Insignia models incorporating the diesel powertrain at $349. All prices quoted are inclusive of GST and are the maximum retail price customers will pay for standard scheduled services in the first three years of ownership, offering guaranteed peace-of-mind and transparency.

Paired with Opel Service Plus at purchase is Opel Assist Plus, an Australia-wide 24 hour per day, 365 days a year roadside assistance programme facilitated through Assist Australia. Opel Assist Plus is a complimentary programme offered by Opel Australia for the first three years from the point of registration.

Opel Australia’s managing director, Bill Mott said building strong and open relationships with customers from the beginning was key to a successful launch in Australia.

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“As a new brand it is important that we establish good relationships with our customers from the outset. We feel that our complete customer care programme will go a long way to building strong relationships with our customers.”

“Through the introduction from launch of Opel Service Plus and Opel Service Assist we feel that any potential customer fears regarding unknown or expensive servicing costs, or the lack of roadside care when it comes to a new brand in the market, are addressed head on with our programmes,” he said.

“After countless hours of planning and preparation since the announcement of the Opel Australia launch this time last year, it is exciting to see our cars in the country and on trucks arriving at our dealerships. Our dealers are energised and set to sell,” Mr Mott said.

Opel Assist Plus will be standard on all Opel vehicles from launch.

Additional repairs or items outside the standard scheduled service as per Opel’s Service and warranty booklet will not be covered by the capped price service rates. Each service must occur within three months or 3,500 kms of the scheduled service date.


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