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Corvette & Silverado heading for local RHD conversion (copyright image)

2014 Chevrolet Silverado LTZ (US model shown) (copyright image)

2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray convertible (US model shown)

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by Stephen Walker

12th March, 2013

Potential local buyers of American iron can now become curious about two new Chevys which have recently debuted in Detroit and Geneva. The 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray and the big 2014 Chevrolet Silverado utility are both on the wish list for small volume importation into Australia.

The Queensland-based importer and converter Performax International is looking to bring the new models to Australia to meet the demand that is always present in limited numbers.

The chief at Performax advises buyers will have to be patient.

"The new C7 is every Corvette enthusiast's dream and there's already plenty of interest in us getting it on the road here," says the Genaeral Manager at Performax International, Glenn Soper.

"In view of a Chevrolet spokesman's statement at Detroit Motor Show that it will not build a right-hand drive Corvette, we aim to be the first, as we were with the Camaro."

"But it will be a long process. The Corvette is not due to be launched in the US until the third quarter, then we will have to import a prototype, re-engineer it for right-hand drive, test it and secure Australian Design Rule compliance for local registration. It's too soon yet to say how long this will take."

"As these cars become more complex, with more electronics, the task becomes more exacting."

"Performax has unmatched capability in right-hand drive countries to do this, as we demonstrated with the Ford Mustang's electric power steering last year and the world's first right-hand drive Camaro in 2011."

"When the new Stingray does go on sale here, it will be a genuine super car at a fraction the price of European rivals.""

Mr Soper indicated that interest in the new version of the company's biggest-selling model, the Silverado ute, is even higher than that of the C7 Corvette.

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"The 2014 model represents a very significant upgrade in all areas and will be worth the wait."

"We currently have Performax dealers in five States and are looking for more, and the Silverado will be an important product for their customers."

"There is still nothing else for sale in Australia quite like the Silverado's combination of power, towing capacity, luxury, presence and value for money."

"With higher US production volumes meaning greater availability, plus strong demand here, the Silverado will be our priority project."

Performax International operates from its factory in Gympie, Queensland, where around 200 vehicles per annum are converted to right-hand drive to comply with Australian Design Rules and meet the ISO 9001 Quality Assured standards.



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