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Australia's first Porsche Panameras arrive

Porsche Panamera (copyright image)

Two Porsche Panameras will 'lap' mainland Australia prior to the launch of the new model.

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20th August, 2009

Porsche is planning a grand tour for its new sedan to celebrate the Australian launch of the new Panamera.

Porsche’s first four-door sedan will be shown to the Australian public from 1st September with a 17,000 km full lap of mainland Australia, completing the journey on 3rd October to coincide with the Panamera’s on sale date.

Along the way the Panamera will retrace some of the route taken by the very first Porsche imported into Australia – a 356 Coupe – when it was showcased to the Australian public during the 1953 Redex Trial.

While the roads have changed dramatically since the 356’s arduous journey more than five decades ago, the link between the very first and the very latest Porsches is the same with both cars breaking new ground for the German sports car maker.

“Just as the 356 showcased Porsche to the Australian public, the new Panamera showcases the very latest in Porsche design, performance and technology,” says Porsche Cars Australia Managing Director, Michael Winkler.

“The Panamera combines true sports car performance with limousine luxury and comfort in a way no other car has ever done. It changes the perception of what a gran turismo can, and should, be. The Panamera is a new class of car.”

The Panamera is Porsche’s fourth model; joining the Cayenne, Boxster/Cayman and 911.

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Winkler says the Panamera will appeal to both new and existing Porsche customers: new customers that have always wanted a Porsche performance car but also the comfort and practicality of a luxury sedan, and those who already own a Porsche sports car but need a larger car for family and business use.

Potential customers throughout mainland Australia will be able to see the Panamera for the first time when two cars depart Melbourne on 1st September. The pair will head west to Adelaide, then across the Nullarbor to Perth, up the west coast, across to Darwin, down to Alice Springs, then east to Cairns before hugging the coastal roads back down to Melbourne for the finish 33 days later.

The Panamera brings world-class technologies to the luxury performance car segment. These include Porsche's first automatic ‘start/stop’ engine system with a doubleclutch transmission, air suspension with additional air volume on demand, active aerodynamics with a multi-stage and adjustable rear spoiler, and a completely flat underfloor for improved stability and reduced fuel consumption.

Porsche expects the V8-powered Panameras to deliver low fuel consumption throughout the journey – confident of achieving an average well below 10 litres/100 kms.

Three Panamera models will go on sale initially: the rear-drive Panamera S with 294 kW direct-injection V8 engine, the all-wheel-drive 4S with the same engine, and the flagship all-wheel-drive Turbo version with 368 kW.

All models will come standard with Porsche’s twin-clutch PDK transmission.

“It’s not often that Porsche creates an all-new model from a clean sheet of paper, let alone one that redefines a segment the way the Panamera does,” says Winkler. “This is a very special car worthy of a special event to announce its arrival.”

* Price
Panamera S $270,200
Panamera 4S $282,400
Panamera Turbo $364,900
* price does not include statutory and dealer charges


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