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Range Rover Vogue places first in Total Quality Index

Range Rover Vogue (copyright image)

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21st July, 2009

The Range Rover Vogue has placed first in the luxury SUV segment of the Strategic Vision Total Quality Index, conducted recently in the USA.

The Total Quality Index® asks buyers to rate all aspects of the ownership experience from buying and owning to performance and driving - much more than simply counting problems.

The index was calculated from over 20,000 buyers who bought 2008 and 2009 model vehicles during September to December in 2008.

Whilst the Range Rover Vogue topped its segment, several other Land Rover models, like the Range Rover Sport, also scored exceptional well placing just below the top positions in their segments.

Land Rover General Manager Roger Jory had the follow comment, "By placing first in its segment the Range Rover Vogue has once again confirmed why it is considered the definitive luxury SUV. In addition, the overall strong Land Rover result reflects our continuing commitment to produce a consistent high quality driving and ownership experience for all of our customers."


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