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Renault Clio RenaultSport 197 - Performance, Passion and Pleasure



12th October, 2007

Renault Clio RenaultSport 197

Performance, passion and driving pleasure were all key priorities for RenaultSport engineers when they started work on the Clio RenaultSport 197. The result is a car engineered to set pulses running.

In addition to a comprehensive list of mechanical and suspension modifications, the new Clio RenaultSport 197 features a groundbreaking, F1 inspired, rear air diffuser.

“The team at RenaultSport have produced some terrific products, the new Clio III will help to make RenaultSport one of the most sought-after performance brands in Australia,” says Renault Australia Managing Director, Rudi Koenig.

Sportier than ever, Clio RenaultSport 197 is powered by a normally-aspirated 2.0 16V engine which produces 145 kW at 7,250 rpm and a maximum torque of 215 Nm at 5,550 rpm. Coupled with the new six-speed manual gearbox, this powerful, responsive engine offers first-class sports performance and driving pleasure.

Punchy Looks
New Clio RenaultSport 197 reveals its sports heritage both inside and out. The exterior design features body modifications which accentuate Clio III's racy styling.

Designed For Performance
The distinctive, original lines of the Clio III have been further enhanced by the use of more athletic curves. The wider front and rear guards, lowered stance, profiled side skirts and semi-rigid under-bumper splitter combine with the extractor vents and diffuser to assert the new car's advanced aerodynamic engineering and sports heritage.

New Clio RenaultSport 197 comes with generously-dimensioned tyres (215/45) and 17-inch light alloy wheels which barely conceal the Brembo brake calipers and big discs that ensure powerful and durable stopping performance. Developed jointly by RenaultSport Technologies and Renault's Powertrain Engineering Department, the powerful, normally-aspirated 2.0 16V calls on wide, bumper-mounted air intakes for additional engine cooling. The front and rear bumpers, side protective mouldings and exterior mirrors are all body-coloured, while the door handles are in satin-finish chrome.

Sporty Interior
New Clio RenaultSport's interior trim echoes the car's exterior styling. Interior highlights include aluminium pedals and perforated-leather steering wheel with red centre-point stitching. Designed and positioned for optimal clarity, the instruments feature white data on a black background. The rev counter incorporates a gear-change indicator light, while the size of the figures increases as the needle gets closer to the red zone at 7,500 rpm. The overriding dark charcoal colour scheme is offset by the chrome-zinc centre console and dashboard inserts which echo technology and sports performance.

High-Performance Chassis
New Clio RenaultSport's exacting, balanced sports handling combines driving pleasure at speed with advanced safety. The dimensions of its chassis have been modified compared with those of Clio III, including a longer wheelbase and wider front and rear tracks. A double-axis strut system and aluminium components for greater driving precision completes the package.

Formula 1-Derived Aerodynamics
The aerodynamics of new Clio RenaultSport 197 have benefited from extensive development work. In addition to front guard extractor vents, the new car features a groundbreaking first for this type of vehicle in the form of a rear air diffuser. Both visually and technologically, new Clio RenaultSport's most striking technological innovation lies in the design of the rear bumper which incorporates an air diffuser. Derived from Formula 1, this feature has only ever previously been seen on range-topping, high-priced sports cars.

The diffuser's purpose is to prevent rear-end lift and maintain stability at high speed by channeling air flow in such a way to increase the suction effect. The radius of the diffuser's curve is engineered to provide a zone of low pressure beneath the car. The downforce generated by the diffuser means there is no need for a rear spoiler to counter the phenomenon of lift. For optimal stability, the system reduces lift by a factor of three and produces the equivalent of 40 kg of rear downforce at very high track speeds without detracting from the car's carefully honed aerodynamics designed to achieve a low CdA.

The New Clio RenaultSport 197 is expected to go on sale in Australia in mid-2008. And that is a good thing says Stephen Walker, the Managing Editor of Next Car!

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