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2nd February, 2011

After Twingo Gordini R.S., Clio Gordini R.S. and Twingo Gordini, the new Renault Wind is the next model to receive the “French touch”. Renault Wind Gordini expands the coupé-roadster range with a version featuring the best equipment available on Wind. This exclusive model will be presented to the public at the forthcoming Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland from 3rd March.

A true driver’s car, the coupé-roadster proudly bears the Gordini colours. Shod with 17-inch black diamond alloy wheels, it features Malta blue bodywork with the two white stripes, Glacier White door mirrors, grille trim and rear spoiler and a glossy black roof. A badge marked with a “G” completes the Gordini look.

The Wind Gordini also places a particular emphasis on interior design. The cabin features special “Gordini” black and blue leather upholstery, blue and white door straps, a blue leather steering wheel with white stripes at the top and a gear lever with a leather gaiter and metal knob with the Gordini name.

Next Car will have additional details of the new Renault Wind Gordini during the early days of March 2011.


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