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2009 Sales Results for Rolls-Royce

10th J
anuary 2010

Rolls Royce Ghost - Image Copyright Rolls-Royce Motor CarsRolls-Royce Motor Cars has finished 2009 with a tally of 1002 cars retailed during the year. This figure includes the first 150 Ghosts, delivered to customers in December.

Demand for the Ghost has been high, with around 85 per cent of Ghost customers being new to the marque.

Demand for Phantom models remained strong. The four door versions (Phantom and Phantom Extended Wheelbase) remained most popular and accounted for more than a third of the total. Continued interest in the Phantom Drophead Coupé and the Phantom Coupé saw Rolls-Royce attract new buyers to the Phantom family of cars.

Almost all Phantom series cars produced at Goodwood in 2009 included some Bespoke element, with many exceptional and individual cars produced for customers during the year. Bespoke sales in 2009 reached record levels and this trend is expected to continue in 2010.

“This is a tremendous result and a particularly strong performance considering the challenging economic environment that all manufacturers faced in 2009,” said Tom Purves, Chief Executive Officer. “Rolls-Royce has maintained its position at the pinnacle of the super luxury automotive market and much of this success is due to our highly skilled and dedicated workforce. We begin 2010 with production on all models sold out until April”.

North America remained the biggest single market for Rolls-Royce in 2008, accounting for 33 per cent of sales. Sales figures for Europe were particularly positive, matching 2008 sales figures. Sales in the Asia Pacific and Middle East regions remained resilient and showed improved growth towards the end of the year.

Expansion of all operations at Goodwood has now been successfully completed, with the delivery of the first customer Ghosts marking a milestone for the brand. A new assembly line, introduction of a second shift, recruitment of additional manufacturing staff and significant infrastructure changes were all completed on time and within budget.

In the eight years since the first Phantom was produced at Goodwood, Rolls-Royce has introduced five new models widening the appeal of the marque and demonstrating continuous investment in this pinnacle brand.

Rolls Royce Model Range - Image Copyright Rolls-Royce Motor Cars


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