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17th October, 2010

Skoda's SUV, the Yeti, is characterised by a unique design, safety and functionality and is intended as a contender in the compact SUV segment.

In the European compact SUV market, the Skoda Yeti is setting new standards thanks to its off-road design features, high quality materials, intelligent ergonomics and outstanding equipment. With state-of-the-art technologies that ensures not only excellent behaviour on the road, but also great riding qualities off-road, the Škoda Yeti represents a smart and practical solution for customers who want a compact, while robust, universal and ultimately safe car.

The design of the new Skoda Yeti truly evokes fun but at the same time practicality. The front part of the car is dominated by the markedly shaped radiator grille surrounded by four headlights, and the compact dimensions guarantee easy controllability and manoeuvrability in the city. The uniquely robust SUV appearance enhanced by the wide mudguards and silver underbody protection strips, promises a great drive on rough terrain. Giving the Yeti a sense of style and uniqueness are stand-out design elements such as the glass spaces of the windows together with the optional electrically controlled two-part panoramic sunroof and roof rails.

On the inside the new Skoda Yeti offers passengers extraordinary spaciousness, variability and comfort. The higher position of the seats affords a feeling of safety with an excellent view from the car and easier access. Pleasantly firm filling, marked lateral seat support and adjustable back rests eliminate tiredness on long trips, and the VarioFlex system of three separate rear seats guarantees maximum variability of the interior and luggage space. The Škoda Yeti comes in both front-wheel and four-wheel-drive which gives customers the choice to pick a Yeti which suits their budget and lifestyle. The four-wheel drive version of the Yeti is provided by an ingenious system using a fourth-generation Haldex clutch that enables the car to run economically while maintaining excellent traction, and is ideal for those who want to occasionally venture off the beaten track.

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To make the most of the Yeti’s four-wheel drive system, Škoda has added an off-road mode, which makes driving on loose surfaces easier and more secure. Press the dashboard-mounted off-road button and highly advanced systems switch to a special off-road setting. Once engaged, the accelerator responds more sensitively when pulling away on loose surfaces, while the operating parameters for the pulling-away assistant and hill start assistant are widened. The hill start assistant also helps out when descending steep slopes. Through gentle, automatic application of the brakes, the system maintains a constant speed, allowing the driver to concentrate fully on steering the Yeti down the slope.

Safety has been a consideration throughout the Yeti’s design and development. Despite its comparatively low kerb weight, the Yeti has been engineered to protect both its occupants and pedestrians. The design of the body has been geared to meet the requirements of EuroNCAP crash tests, along with the many different safety standards in non-European markets. Thanks to the use of high strength steel which channels impact energy away from critical areas in a controlled manner, the Yeti’s passenger cell offers a strong survival space for passengers in the event of an accident. All Skoda Yeti models are equipped with ABS with Mechanical Brake Assist (MBA) and the engine torque control (MSR). ESP is included on all 4x4 versions while up to nine airbags (which includes a driver knee airbag and rear side air cushions) protect passengers in the event of an accident. The Yeti also provides comprehensive passenger protection in the event of a rear-end collision.

The new Škoda Yeti is characterised by the symbiosis of a unique design, safety, functionality and comfort and is the result of Škoda’s experience of more than 100 years of car development.

Full specifications and pricing of the Skoda Yeti for the Australian market will be released at its launch in 2011.


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