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Spyker's new super car (copyright image)

Spyker C8 Aileron Spyder

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4th October, 2010

An exclusive UK premiere of the Spyker C8 Aileron Spyder will be taking place at this year’s MPH The Prestige & Performance Motor Show.

Completely hand made in the UK, the latest model to be developed by the iconic super car company boasts a 4.2 V8 engine, generating a staggering 400 BHP. Constructed with a sleek aluminium framework, the £220k vehicle comes with a variety of unique additions including a fully automatic folding hood, the very first Spyker to have such an attribute.

Emblazoned around the chassis reads the emotive latin inscription “Nulla Tenaci Invia Est Via” and as the car is unveiled to the UK in November the message will become clear: “For the tenacious, no road is impassable.”

UK Brand Manager, Tommy Wareham commented: “This epic new vehicle provides everything that Spyker stand for, with unparalleled design partnered with ultra exclusivity. We’re looking forward to premiering the C8 Aileron Spyder to the MPH Show, and are sure the visitors will be as in awe of the car’s overwhelming ability and craftsmanship as we are.”


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