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SsangYong Concept XUV 1 (copyright image)

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  • Compact SUV concept illustrates SsangYong’s latest design and engineering
  • Full details of Concept XUV 1 will be released at the IAA next month

When the doors open to the public at the 64th IAA Motor Show in Frankfurt (Germany) on the 15th September, SsangYong will reveal their new concept vehicle - an innovative new compact cross-over concept.

The Concept XUV 1 has at its core the ideals of a moving communication space. SsangYong’s designers set themselves the goal of joining popular automobile culture based on performance, safety and an awareness of the environment. (copyright image)
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A showcase for the latest SsangYong design capabilities, the Concept XUV 1 uses extensive glass areas along with carefully curved bodywork to look imposing without seeming to appear ‘aggressive’. The wraparound windscreen visually extends the glass area virtually uninterrupted to the large C-pillars, complemented by a full length glass roof.

Described by its designers as a CUV – Cross-over Utility Vehicle – the Concept XUV 1 illustrates the image of SsangYong vehicles coupled with an appearance highlighting speed and power. The innovative interior design introduces new 1+1+2 or 1+3 seating layouts, challenging conventional cabin design and highlighting the flexibility available from SsangYong’s latest platform technology.

The spacious interior is also packed with the latest automotive technology, leading to the show car’s name: Concept XUV 1 is derived from Excellent User Interface Vehicle 1. All major cabin functions are controlled via mobile devices and smart instruments, while the coach style door offers easy access to the futuristic cabin.

All this versatility comes within the confines of a compact B segment sized vehicle, a sector which has experienced rapid growth in cross-over models in recent years. Offering the high seating position and rugged feel of a full sized SUV without any compromise in running costs, cross-over models on a supermini scale are fast becoming the ideal motoring solution for today’s European driver.


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