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14th February, 2011

Following some delays, Ssangyong is in the course of launching its first all-new model in more than three years with the arrival of the Korando, an SUV that is set to 'reboot' the Ssangyong brand.

The new Korando was penned by Italian design studio Giugiaro with a compact yet practical style that is unlike any Ssangyong that has come before.

Powered by an all-new two-litre turbocharged diesel engine delivering 129 kW of power and 360 Nm of torque, the new Korando has power and economy and will be available with either a six-speed manual or a six-speed, Australian designed and built, automatic transmission.

Ssangyong will offer the Korando with a choice of either all-wheel drive or front-drive variants, both utilising McPherson Strut front suspension and multi-link independent rear suspension.

SsangYong Korando will be available in three grades, S, SX and SPR. The entry level S is a 2WD with a choice of either manual or automatic transmissions, the SX is an AWD also with a choice of manual and automatic, while the top-of-the-line SPR will feature AWD in automatic form only.

According to general manager of Ssangyong Motors Australia, Jeff Barber, the Korando is a vital car for the brand in Australia and marks a turning point, delivering practicality in a package that targets one of the fastest growing segment in the market.

The new Korando uses an advanced monocoque design, utilising the latest materials and technologies, including a new electronically variable geometry turbocharger.

The all-new SsangYong Korando incorporates a full suite of the latest safety innovations including multifunction Electronic Stability Programme (ESP) integrating active rollover protection, ABS, electronic brake force distribution, brake assist system and full traction control hill start assist into one seamless, comprehensive vehicle safety system.

Additionally Korando comes equipped with six SRS airbags, electronic active head restraint for the front seats and multi-load path body construction to evenly distribute collision energy throughout the vehicle structure for the best possible occupant protection in the event of an accident.

The Korando's all-new powertrain meets the Euro 5 emission regulations while delivering impressive efficiency with average fuel consumption of 6.1 L/100 km emission levels of just 159 grammes of CO2 per kilometre.

The interior of the Korando features a choice of either cloth or leather trim in either black or tan, with a six-way power driver's seat, 60:40 split folding rear seats, a folding centre armrest and a massive 486 litres of space in the rear load compartment.


Ssangyong Korando will come to market in Australia as the lowest price turbo diesel SUV with a starting price of just $26,311* plus on-roads*, or from $27,990 drive away.

The value for money pricing does not stop with the base model S, with all models significantly undercutting similar spec vehicles from the opposition.

The S spec two wheel drive six-speed automatic will come to market in March at $28,811*, while the AWD SX six-speed manual will have a manufacturer's list price of $30,311*. The six-speed automatic version of the SX will add $2,500*, still representing value at $32,811*, while the top of the line fully equipped SPR with six-speed automatic and AWD as standard is priced at $36,811*.

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The new Ssangyong Korando delivers power, torque, and fuel efficiency thanks to an all-new low emission, two-litre, common rail, variable geometry turbo charged diesel engine which is matched to a six-speed manual or a six-speed automatic transmissions.

The South Korean manufactured SsangYong Korando will be available in both 2WD and AWD driveline configurations with the six-speed automatic version to arrive in March, following the initial shipment of Korando six-speed manuals.

Ssangyong's new e-XDi200 engine produces maximum power of 129 kW @ 4,000 rpm and a strong flat torque curve with a maximum of 360 Nm being produced evenly from 2,000 rpm to 3,000 rpm, ensuring impressive driveability and efficiency.

Diesel delivers a number of key benefits over petrol particularly in SUV configuration. Most significantly a modern diesel engine consumes substantially less fuel than a petrol engine doing the same amount of work.

Diesel fuel has more energy than petrol with each drop of diesel containing 17.4 per cent more energy than regular petrol. While the cost of diesel is more than for petrol it delivers significantly more power and energy.

A diesel engine has better thermal efficiency than a petrol engine, meaning a diesel engine can change heat energy into power at a better rate and because of this it does not run as hot as a petrol engine.

With high torque at low engine speed, Korando's high pressure Common Rail Direct Injected fuel delivery system along with its VGT turbo-charger delivers maximum torque at a very useable rpm, resulting in a very flexible and responsive engine performance.

Perhaps the most significant benefit of diesel engines is that they are much more durable than petrol engines, being constructed to withstand higher compression pressure and more powerful combustion, compared to a petrol engine.

As a result a diesel engine usually has a longer working life compared to a petrol engine.

The Korando's variable geometry turbocharger improves engine performance, torque, fuel efficiency and response by applying precision electronic control to change the geometry of the turbo exactly when needed.

The Variable Geometry Turbo-charger (VGT) maximises turbo operation at low engine speed helping to eliminate turbo lag and improve acceleration response, making the engine more responsive and easier to drive across a wide reve range.

At low engine speeds normal turbochargers cannot produce effective boost because the amount of exhaust gas is not sufficient and gas flow speed is too low. However Korando's VGT changes the angle of the vanes to increase gas flow speed increasing turbo output at low engine speed, overcoming "turbo lag" for more responsive, flexible performance and lower fuel consumption.

At high engine speed Korando's VGT adjusts the vanes to increase the flow of the exhaust gases, increasing the turbine speed and the available boost and power at the top end.

The VGT turbine shaft bearings are lubricated by engine oil while the turbo-charger housing is cooled by engine coolant benefiting engine longevity and reliability lowering the cost of ownership.

With Euro 5 compliance Korando's environmental credentials are well founded with a Diesel Oxidation Catalyst and Catalytic Diesel Particulate Filter operating along with EGR to reduce emissions.

Korando's Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) emissions are treated via Exhaust Gas Recycling while Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Hydrocarbons (HC) emissions are treated via the Diesel Oxidation Catalyst with the Diesel Particulate Filter handling Particulate Matter (PM).

The engine ECU detects the amount of PM collected via information from pressure sensors and when PM level reaches pre-determined level the ECU performs "post injection" to increase exhaust gas temperature automatically burning collected PM, a factor which allows it to meet Euro 5 standards environmentally friendly exhaust emission levels.

The Mass Balance Shaft dramatically reduces engine generated noise and vibration over 2,500 rpm providing smooth and quiet driving and increased cabin comfort for occupants.

The Korando diesel uses chain drive for its front end accessory drive system delivering a simplified design with reduced noise, less maintenance, improved reliability and lower cost of ownership compared to belts.

The new Ssangyong e-XDi200 engine's performance is matched by its fuel efficiency and low emissions. The 2WD manual Korando can return a combined average fuel consumption of just 6.1 litres/100 km with CO2 emissions of 159 g/km in manual form and 7.3litres/100km with 194 g/km in automatic configuration.

The Korando AWD is equally impressive delivering combined average figures of just 6.4litres/100 km and 169 g/km CO2 for the combined average in manual form and 7.5 litres/100 km and 199 g/km CO2 for the auto AWD models.

Engine quietness and vibration is enhanced with the incorporation of mass balance shafts which reduce second order noise during high speed driving over 2,500 rpm, while a newly designed front end accessory drive belt system reduces noise and vibration while ensuring better, more secure and simple belt alignment.

The six-speed manual has been designed to ensure strong startability as well as enhancing quietness and boosting fuel efficiency at cruising speed with a spread of ratios matched to the strong torque and performance of the turbo diesel engine. The manual features overdrive on fourth, fifth and sixth gear taking advantage of the engine's torque characteristics.

A carbon triple cone synchroniser is used to ensure smooth gear shifting while transmission noise is reduced through close attention to the design of the gear teeth in the gearbox.

The Korando six-speed manual uses triple synchro on first through third gear with double synchro on fourth and fifth and a single synchro on sixth.

The six-speed Australian-built DSI automatic uses the e-Tronic system and is equipped with artificial intelligence that provides dynamic driving and optimal shifting by altering the shift pattern to match road and driving conditions.

The six-speed automatic will be available in Australia from March 2011.

SsangYong Korando's electronically controlled AWD system is designed to give stable and sure-footed performance across all road conditions.

The Korando AWD features a 4WD lock function which enables the driver to lock the system in marginal road conditions at low speed to ensure maximum grip and 50/50 power distribution to front and rear wheels.

The electronically controlled AWD system is matched to Korando's standard Electronically Stability Programme (ESP) and integrated traction control to deliver smooth, safe and seamless performance in marginal driving conditions.


The all-new Ssangyong Korando is the fourth generation of a model that can trace its history back to 1974.

However, the new Korando is the most radical departure from previous Ssangyongs to be launched onto the global automotive stage.

Ssangyong adopted a more sophisticated and global approach with the new Korando engaging renowned Italian design studio Giugiaro to pen the new urban focussed SUV.

The fourth generation Korando has harmonised several key elements and according to its designers, expresses Ssangyong's robust and dynamic aesthetics. It is highlighted by its front styling and strong grille, which combines with the flowing side body silhouette to provide a small SUV that rivals any other vehicle in the class.

Giugiaro has given the Korando a stylish and sporty look with its wide mesh grille and has carried that cue through to the air intake opening, which sits below the bumper. The integrated bumper incorporates a lip air spoiler for better stability while fog lights (SX & SPR models) have been integrated into the two-tone bumper to maximise design consistency.

The one-piece headlight mouldings harmonise with the Korando's dynamic lines while a simple bonnet character line enhances the car's bold and confident lines.

The headlamp assemblies have a large wrap around style to deliver superior lighting power and excellent night driving vision. The lights use polycarbonate lenses, which resist breakage while both the SX and SPR AWD Korando models feature integrated front fog lights.

The Korando's front facia features a one piece bumper and grille surround with a high density polymer construction which resists low-speed impact and works with special low speed 'crash boxes' which have been incorporated into the bumper support system to absorb low speed impact damage and lowers overall cost of ownership.

The side styling of the Korando is highlighted by its sharp and powerful character line which harmonises with an elaborate belt line and the two-tone wheel arch mouldings to emphasise the curve of the guards while working with its alloy wheels to give a stylish and sporty overall look.

The outside mirrors stream with the body and feature an integrated indicator repeater as well as a welcoming light on the underside to illuminate the surroundings during entry and exit.

A wide and bold C pillar contrasts with the sweeping A pillar to enhance the strong and stable SUV image.

The Korando's dynamic styling is carried through to the rear with the side character lined continuing through to the tail gate, sweeping around the integrated tail light to work with the two-tone bumper to provive a stylish step up to the upper body. An integrated lip spoiler at the top of the tailgate (SPR model), along with subtle integrated reflectors at the bottom and dual tail pipes frame the strong rear styling of the Korando.

Korando interior styling is marked by clean and uncluttered lines with strong ergonomics, convenience, and overall enhanced driver and passenger safety.

The practical yet elegant driving space has been designed primarily for driver convenience, however that does not mean looks have been compromised. The smooth and flowing dash has switchgear that fall easily to hand with good tactile feel while instrumentation is clean, simple, and easy to read. Functions are grouped conveniently together in the centre fascia with integrated air conditioning and audio controls to ensure simplicity and the sense of space. An upper tray with a self-latching lid is integrated into the top of the dash.

Power window and exterior mirror controls are integrated into the sweeping door handle extension making them easy to reach and use allowing the driver to make adjustments safely while driving.

The three-spoke power and tilt steering wheel frames the elegant and simple instrument binnacle and can be adjusted to suit the widest possible range of drivers and their individual sizes and seating positions requirements.

A sleek and well-designed centre console features a centre storage bin, twin cup holders and a large storage tray forward of the gearshift.

Storage space has also been integrated into the door trim with a large map pocket, which also features a bottle holder while above that a convenient tray is also integrated into the door grip.

Shopping bag hooks have been integrated into both the lower passenger side of the centre fascia and on the rear of both front seats to hold bags safely and securely while driving.

Mesh map pockets have been integrated into the rear of the drivers and front passengers seats while a lower tray with an opening door has been integrated into the lower part of the centre fascia allowing safe storage of items such as mobile phone, while the glove box provides a large wide opening space for a range of storage needs.

The ergonomically designed driver's and front passenger bucket seats gently support the back especially on long journeys, while the seat cushion support the thighs to help blood circulation by preventing excessive pressure on the hips.

The 60/40 split fold rear seats enhance the Korando's versatile design offering an extensive tilt adjustment range allowing passengers to adjust the tilt for maximum comfort and convenience. The rear seats feature a unique fold and dive design which means they can be easily folded flat individually or together to allow added luggage capacity and a fully flat and smooth load area when required.

The rear seat features a fold down centre console armrest with integrated twin cup holders while behind the rear seats the large luggage area has a number of clever space utilisation ideas designed for added convenience. These include space to stow the rear cargo blind (optional on S, standard on SX & SPR) when the seats are folded.

The interior of both the S and SX models are finished in a woven cloth seat trim in black on the S and either black or tan on the SX - depending upon exterior colour. The woven cloth trim is a high quality long lasting material designed for comfort and durability.

Top-of-the-line Korando SPR models receive leather seat trim again in either black or beige - depending upon exterior colour. The increased style and durability enhances the SPR's luxury feel while the front seats are also heated for added comfort in cold climates.

Underneath the floor of the luggage area is a convenient storage tray allowing you to stow valuable items away from prying eyes or to safely store small heavy items preventing them from becoming missiles in the case of an emergency stop, etc.

A pull back luggage cover (optional on S, standard on SX & SPR) adds to the security of the rear storage area while added convenience bins on the sides of the luggage area further add to the amenity of the Korando load space.

A coat hook designed into the roof of the rear load space is another clever and convenient touch while integrated multi-purpose luggage nets (optional on S, standard on SX & SPR) can keep items tied down and secure when driving.

The second row floor space has been designed with a completely flat floor to deliver passengers more leg room and better comfort.


The standard equipment list starts with the entry level S model which boasts a AM/FM/CD/MP3 audio system with USB connectivity and audio streaming Bluetooth along with six speakers for sound quality.

Power windows are standard on all three models including a one-touch with safety roll back function window for the driver, while the cabin is filled with convenient storage bins and stowage areas along with cup holders, bottle holders, map pockets, and shopping bag hooks.

Air conditioning is standard on all three variants with the S model having manual control with a seven-speed fan and a 'MAX' setting to blast the cabin with cold air in hot conditions. Both SX and SPR are equipped with climate control air conditioning as standard for driving comfort.

An added feature on all Korando models is a reclining rear seat allowing passengers to tilt their seats at an angle making it easier to nap or relax on long journeys. It is particularly useful for infants in approved child safety seats with the capability of tilting the seat to allow the child to be more comfortable particularly when sleeping.

Korando SPR is equipped with a power adjustable driver's seat with fore and aft, seat base tilt and seat height controls managed at the touch of a button to maximise convenience and comfort.

Korando's leather wrapped steering wheel is tilt adjustable and features convenient steering wheel mounted controls for the audio system, ensuring increased driver control and safety.

Cruise control with Eco mode is standard across all Korando models adding to driver safety and comfort while cruising at highway speeds on main roads.

Similarly all Korando models are equipped with a trip computer as standard offering a variety of useful functions including distance traveled, two separate trip meters, distance to empty, real time instant fuel usage meter and an average fuel usage read-out.

Korando SPR also features power folding door mirrors which can be activated at the touch of a button to allow easy access to narrow lanes and entrances while the system also features an auto fold function which conveniently retracts the mirrors inward when the lock button on the remote control key is pressed, helping to reduce the risk of damage while Korando is parked. Mirrors automatically unfold when starting the engine while an override function can be activated if desired.

A power sunroof is standard equipment on Korando SPR, featuring both tilt and sliding mode, enabling occupants to control the level of increased ventilation, while a safety rollback feature prevents the roof being closed when something is in the way.

All Korandos are equipped with an electronically controlled interior rearview mirror which automatically dips when the brightness of following vehicle headlights reach a set level, reducing driver distraction when traveling at night. As an added feature, the Korando ECM (Electronically Controlled Mirror) can be turned off allowing the driver to have better rear vision when required. The system also automatically turns off when reverse is selected making it easier to reverse particularly into brightly backlit areas.

Access to Korando's spacious rear load area is via the wide opening tailgate, which is opened by an easy to operate solenoid controlled release which allows one touch, single hand operation.

The high lift and wide opening tailgate ensures easy access and easy loading while the large internal handle makes it easy to close without dirtying your hands with road grime that may be on the outside of the tailgate.

Ssangyong engineers have designed the rear screen wiper/washer for maximum cleaning effect, mounting the washer jet at the top of the screen for better cleaning and longer wiper blade life.

Both the SX and SPR variants feature a multi function rear cargo net (optional on S) that makes it easy and convenient to secure light items, while four built-in tie-down points allow users to easily secure heavier items.

A12-volt power socket is located on the right-hand rear panel in the luggage area to power various accessories from portable fridges to mobile phone and camera chargers.

The Korando is equipped with a full size spare, matching the wheels and tyres on the vehicle. This gives added confidence in rough road conditions and enables the car to be driven at normal speeds when the spare is used.

The spare full size alloy wheel is located under the luggage floor to help maintain the low centre of gravity.

Korando has a maximum tow capacity of 2,000 kg for trailers equipped with brakes and up to 750 kg for trailers without brakes.

Korando is equipped with a remote release filler flap for increased security when refueling the car's 57 litre high-density polypropylene tank. The fuel tank will not corrode or dent and has an extra steel underguard for added security to shield the fuel tank.

S Model Standard Features
-Six-speed manual or optional six-speed automatic transmission
-Leather wrapped steering wheel and gear selector
-Anti-lock Brake System, Electronic Brake Distribution, Electronic Stability Programme, Brake Assist System and Hill Start Assist
-16" alloy wheels, including spare
-Silver roof rails
-Fabric seat trim
-Remote keyless entry
-Six SRS airbags — dual front airbags, side airbags and curtain airbags
-AM/FMCD audio with MP3 and USB facilities
-Six speakers
-Bluetooth with audio streaming
-Power windows
-Auto dimming interior rearview mirror
-Cruise control with Eco mode
-Tilt adjustable steering wheel, with audio, Bluetooth and automatic transmission shift controls
-Power and heated external door mirrors with LED side repeaters and safety downlight
-Driver and passenger vanity mirrors
-Optional rear cargo cover and net
-Front & rear floor mats
-Manual height adjustable driver's seat
-Trip computer
-Centre high mounted LED stop lamp
-Manual controlled air-conditioning with seven-speed fan
-Roof mounted antenna

SX Models Features
All of the features included in the S model plus
-Active AWD
-17" alloy wheels including full size alloy spare
-Front fog lamps
-Illuminated driver and passenger vanity mirrors
-Rear cargo cover and net
-Climate Control air-conditioning

SPR Models
All of the features included in SX models plus
-Six-speed automatic as standard
-18" alloy wheels including full-size alloy spare
-Rear roof mounted spoiler
-Power sunroof
-Leather seat trim
-Heated front seats
-Power adjustable driver's seat
-Power folding external door mirrors
-Driver controlled headlight leveling
-Rear Parking Sensors

Ride and Handling

Ssangyong engineers have put a lot of energy into formulating a ride and handling package for the new Korando that delivers superior passenger comfort, surefooted road holding, and rough road capability.

As a starting point the new Korando has its two-litre turbo diesel engine positioned low in the chassis to ensure a lower centre of gravity to deliver balance, handling and road holding ability.

Korando utilises MacPherson struts with A-shaped lower suspension arms at the front, ensuring sure-footed handling, control and stability across all road conditions while still delivering good ride quality and durability over rough, give and take type, roads.

Engineers have further isolated road noise and vibration by mounting the Korando front sub-frame via heavy duty rubber bushes, enhancing further ride quality and increasing cabin comfort for occupants.

At the rear, Ssangyong has given Korando an independent rear suspension (IRS) using four-point heavy-duty rubber mounting on the rear axle to isolate road noise and vibration.

Korando boasts alloy wheels across all models with the Korando S equipped with 16", the SX with 17" and the top line SPR boasting 18" alloys for lower unsprung weight and better more precise tracking and steering.

Stopping power is handled by four-wheel disc brakes with ABS, Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD), traction control and Brake Assist (BAS) matched to the Korando's standard Electronic Stability Programme (ESP). Active Rollover Protection - a feature that is rare in the small SUV class - is incorporated into the electronic suite of driver aids.

The package of electronic driver aids, which comes as standard equipment on the Korando, are designed for maximum driver control and will help turn ordinary drivers into safer drivers.

The Korando's BAS is an active safety feature which recognises that in an emergency braking situation many drivers will apply the brake pedal quickly but not hard enough to operate ABS. Korando's BAS recognises a panic brake situation and applies increased brake pressure to activate ABS and to gain maximum vehicle speed retardation.

Similarly, EBD automatically adjusts braking effort, front to rear, based upon vehicle load and particularly compensating for weight transfer during braking ensuring increased driver control and safety while also increasing front brake pad life.

Korando's Active Rollover Protection (ARP) is another active safety device that works seamlessly to minimise the physical tendency for a vehicle to roll over under certain conditions. ARP controls individual brakes and the engine output to minimise the rollover danger and to increase driver control and safety.

Korando has been designed with equal length front drive shafts which reduces "torque steer" under acceleration to minimise steering deviation under acceleration, increasing driver control and safety.

Both the Korando SX and Korando SPR are equipped with All Wheel Drive as standard equipment.

In normal driving conditions an AWD Korando's drive is mostly via the front wheels, however when grip or traction levels change, Korando's AWD system will automatically distribute the drive to both the front and rear wheels. This delivers a higher degree of traction on wet, icy, muddy or sandy roads.

The Korando AWD system features a '4WD LOCK' mode to provide a higher level of traction in particularly slippery or challenging conditions. When the 4WD LOCK is applied drive is distributed 50/50 to front and rear wheels.

With the 4WD LOCK applied, if the vehicle speed exceeds 40 km/h, the lock mode is cancelled and when vehicle speed drops back below 35 km/h again the 4WD LOCK mode will automatically resume.


Every aspect of the new Ssangyong Korando is tuned towards maximising the vehicle's safety both from an active and passive safety angle.

Starting with a full compliment of electronic driver aids designed to maximise vehicle stability and control, along with strong handling and road holding characteristics, the Korando is a capable and sure-footed machine that is designed to keep you out of trouble in the first place.

However, in the event of a collision passive safety features make the Korando an extremely safe environment for occupants, minimising exposure to injury in an accident situation.

Korando's Electronic Stability Programme (ESP) with its integrated Anti-lock Brake System, Electronic Brake-force Distribution, Traction Control System, Brake Assist System (BAS), and Active Rollover Protection (ARP), helps ensure the vehicle's direction follows the driver's intention.

ARP is an Active Safety device which Ssangyong engineers have incorporated into Korando to minimise the natural physical tendency of a vehicle to roll-over under certain conditions. The ARP controls individual brakes and engine output, increasing driver control and overall vehicle safety.

An overlooked but equally important safety feature on Korando is Hill Start Assist (HSA), an active safety feature which is designed to prevents the vehicle from rolling back when taking off from a standing start on steep hills.

On a steep gradient, HSA holds brakes on for a few seconds after the brake pedal is released, increasing driver confidence and control while also helping to reduce clutch wear on manual models and drive-line wear on automatics.

On both Korando SX and SPR one of the most important active safety features is the All Wheel Drive System, which in normal driving conditions drives mostly via the front wheels. However when grip levels change, Korando's AWD system automatically distributes drive to both the front and rear wheels delivering a higher degree of traction on slippery wet, icy, muddy or sandy roads, ensuring maximum dynamic safety in dangerous conditions.

Korando's braking system contributes to the vehicle's active safety credentials with a four-wheel disc configuration utilising ABS and its links to the vehicle's Electronic Stability Programme.

In passive safety terms the Korando is well equipped to provide high-level occupant safety in the case of an accident.

Korando is equipped with six airbags as standard equipment, including dual front airbags, side airbags and side curtain airbags.

In addition it is equipped with Electronic Active Head Restraints which automatically move the front part of the head restraint forward and upward in the event of rear-end collision, dramatically reducing the risk of whiplash injuries.

An electronic sensor activates the mechanical device within the active headrest assembly instantaneously when a rear end collision is detected, providing better safety levels than conventional mechanical active head restraints that have a time lag between impact and action.

Korando SPR also receives Reverse Parking Aid System, reducing the risk of accidents involving children and other vehicles in reversing situations, increasing safety, especially for small children.

Korando is also fitted with the latest ISOFIX child Seat anchor points as standard equipment.

Korando has been designed with narrow A-pillars to reduce blind spots and increase overall driver vision for better driving safety particularly in suburban intersections and roundabouts.

Other safety features include concealed washer nozzles, which reduced the risk of blockage with a wide spray pattern for increased driver vision and safety.

The Korando external mirrors incorporate LED indicator repeaters for better communication with other road users and increased safety.

On Korando SPR, headlights incorporate a manual level adjustment system with four settings allowing the driver to adjust headlight aim depending on vehicle load and upon road conditions for better vision and safety.

NOTE: * Manufacturer's List Price (MLP) excludes dealer delivery fees and the numerous statutory charges (commonly known as on-road costs). Additionally, please note that all prices, fees and charges are subject to change without notice.


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