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Subaru's new engine (copyright image)

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23rd September, 2010

Fuji Heavy Industries, the maker of Subaru cars, has launched its third-generation Boxer engine – its first all new petrol engine since 1989.

In Australia, the four cylinder normally aspirated horizontally opposed Boxer (so called because the sideways cylinder and piston layout resembles the punching action of a boxer) will initially be applied to some variants of Model Year 2011 Forester, due to be launched early next year.

FHI reports the engine is being produced in both 2.0 and 2.5 litre capacity for the Japanese domestic market.

Showcasing Subaru’s latest engineering, the new engine offers environmental and economy refinements – FHI reports some domestic market versions achieve approximately 10 per cent fuel efficiency gains.

Nick Senior, Managing Director, Subaru Australia, said: “This is an exciting engineering development from FHI. They’re renowned for the durability of their engines and this new unit will take the sophistication to a whole new level that we’ll look forward to experiencing in some versions of our best-selling Forester next year.”

FHI has built a new state-of-the-art factory at its Gunma Oizumi Plant in Japan, exclusively for production of the new engine.

The new powerplant further refines the advantages of horizontally opposed engines: light weight, compact size, low centre of gravity and low vibration.

Japan domestic market versions also offer improved torque over the superseded engine.

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Among the major changes:

  • Longer stroke
  • Compact combustion chamber
  • Lighter moving parts
  • Cooled exhaust gas recirculation system
  • Intake/exhaust Active Valve Control System
  • Tumble Generator Valve
  • Compact oil pump


Engine type: Horizontally opposed four cylinder DOHC
Displacement: 1,995 cc
Compression ratio: 10.5
Bore x stroke: 84 x 90 mm
Max. output: 109 Kilowatts
Max. torque: 196 Newtonmetres

The specification of the engines to be used in Australian vehicles will be announced to coincide with the launch of Model Year 2011 Subaru Foresters, early next year.


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