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Subaru BRZ due for March release in Japan (copyright image)

Satin White Pearl (copyright image)

Starring Silver Metallic (copyright image)

Lightening Red (copyright image)

"S" model (copyright image)

Galaxy Blue Silica (copyright image)

WR Blue Mica (copyright image)

Dark Grey Metallic (copyright image)

Crystal Black Silica (copyright image) (copyright image)

NOTE: All images show Japanese domestic models

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8th February, 2012

Next Car reveals all seven colour choices for the new Subaru BRZ sports car which will be released on the Japanese domestic market in three trim levels on 28th March.

Subaru BRZ is a sports car featuring a front-engine, rear-wheel drive lay out powered by the horizontally-opposed boxer engine. Its concept is “Pure Handling Delight - the driving experience taken to a new level”. By mounting the boxer engine as low as possible, Subaru BRZ should realise a low centre of gravity that offers good handling performance.

The name “BRZ” stands for “Boxer engine” “Rear-wheel drive” “Zenith”; it also embodies Subaru’s passion for a sports car that features Subaru’s core technology: the Horizontally-Opposed Boxer engine.

Subaru BRZ has been developed as a joint-project between Subaru and Toyota Motor Corporation. It brings to market the desire of both brands to offer a broad range of buyers a sports model with superior steering response and driving pleasure.

By mounting the Subaru Boxer engine as low as possible within the chassis and closer to its centre, the boxer’s inherent advantages of a low centre of gravity, light weight, and compact size are maximised. It is meant to be a fun sports car that any driver can enjoy driving with peace of mind.

The engine was made exclusively for the new sports car. It offers the exhilarating revving nature of a natural aspiration engine. The engine uses Toyota’s “D-4S” direct injection and port injection technology

High tensile steel is used in the body for its weight reduction potential.

Vehicle stability control is standard for all models.

In Japan

The domestic market will see three trim levels (RA, R and S) offered. The RA is a basic model and is unlikely to be part of any export plan. The sales volume for the new BRZ is expected to be 450 units per month in the first year for the domestic market.

In Australia

An Australian release is scheduled for the third quarter this year. This is earlier than previously expected, with an outside chance it could arrive as early as July. Both manual and automatic transmissions are anticipated, although it has not yet been determined if the local market will see a one or two trim level model line-up.

Stay tuned to Next Car for further details on the new Subaru BRZ in due course.

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