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Plug-in Subaru Stella to Start Japan Sales

Subaru Stella (copyright image)

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7th June, 2009

Subaru’s electric car, the Plug-in Stella, is going on sale in Japan, with deliveries starting from late July.

Around 170 Plug-in Stellas are expected to be sold during the 'current' Japanese fiscal year, ending 31st March, 2010.

Powered by a high performance lithium-ion battery, the production four-door Plug-in STELLA offers up to a 90 kilometre driving range.

It can be recharged up to 80 per cent of capacity in 15 minutes using a “quick charge” system. It is fully recharged in eight hours using an AC100 volt Japanese household power outlet, or five hours at AC200 volts.

Plug-in Stella produces zero carbon dioxide emissions. The electric motor produces 47 Kilowatts of power, offering smooth acceleration and instant maximum torque.

The battery system also recovers inertia energy in deceleration, via a regeneration system, further enhancing energy efficiency.

Major specifications:

Dimensions (Length x Width x Height)

3,395 mm × 1,475 × 1,660

Curb weight

1,010 kg

Passenger seating



100 km/h

Per-charge driving distance

90 kms

Electric motor

Permanent magnet synchronous system

Max. power output

47 kW

Max. torque

170 Nm


Front-wheel drive

Battery type

Lithium-ion batteries

Total voltage


Total energy

9 kWh


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