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Suzuki Kizashi Sport AWD is priced from $39,990*

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25th August, 2010

Suzuki has added a ‘sixth sense’ to the acclaimed Kizashi range with the launch of the stunning new Kizashi Sport AWD.

Boasting a sophisticated all-wheel drive system and new styling cues, the Suzuki Kizashi Sport AWD lifts the high dynamic driving ability of its mid-sized car to new levels.

“The Kizashi Sport AWD represents the ultimate version of our vision of design, performance and driving dynamics,” said Suzuki Australia General Manager Tony Devers.

The stand-out technology on the new Kizashi Sport AWD is the inclusion of an all-new version of Suzuki’s lauded intelligent AWD system (i-AWD).

Drawing on more than 40 years of engineering expertise, Suzuki has developed an active all-wheel drive system designed to maximise the driving experience.

“Kizashi Sport AWD actually anticipates oversteer or understeer and can split drive to either the front or rear wheels to provide maximum driving enjoyment.”

“This ‘sixth sense’ makes the Kizashi Sport AWD Suzuki’s ultimate expression of driving dynamics”.

“For example, when you accelerate from rest, the system detects the extra throttle input and automatically sends drive to the rear wheels to ensure a smooth, safe take-off”.

Devers said Suzuki Kizashi Sport AWD inspired greater driver confidence by enabling optimum take-off, acceleration and cornering.

He explained a key element of the new i-AWD system was feedforward control, which adjusts the proportion of engine torque sent to the rear wheels according to road conditions, vehicle dynamic conditions and driver input.

The system was made by an engineering team drawing on more than 40 years’ expertise in all-wheel and four-wheel drive. It has helped them provide an all-wheel drive system for the road; a system representing a new era in driving enjoyment.

“Most soft roaders and all-wheel drive systems employ a reactive system that engages all four wheels only after detecting a loss of traction”.

“With the Kizashi Sport AWD, the new active handling works in partnership with ESP to ensure optimum handling levels. We call it synergetic vehicle dynamics control”.

By constantly monitoring inputs from all the ESP sensors – wheel, steering wheel, yaw and lateral g – the system can anticipate when to increase or decrease torque to the front or rear wheels and even provides counter-steering assistance.

The technology adds an extra level of driving enjoyment, while working in tandem with ESP to ensure occupant safety levels are never compromised.

In normal driving, the system is constantly monitoring data sent from all the sensors. In a standard car, excessive understeer would be countered by reducing torque to the front wheels and braking the inside front wheel to assist turn-in.

The Sport AWD uses the same data but, if the ESP threshold has not been crossed, the logic helps enhance the driving experience.

By decreasing torque to the front wheels and simultaneously increasing torque to the rear wheels, it limits understeer, helps the car turn safely and contributes to the driving experience.

In an oversteer situation, the car reduces torque to the rear wheels, increases torque to the front wheels and provides counter steering assistance.

By actively reducing excessive oversteer or understeer, it encourages a more neutral handling characteristic.

“The system was developed by Suzuki engineers with a priority on driving feel, not just its operating logic”.

“Kizashi was always designed to be a driver’s car, and the Kizashi Sport AWD represents the definitive example of that philosophy.”

Devers said while the system would reward enthusiast drivers, the impressive safety systems inherent in every Kizashi ensured maximum safety for all occupants was never compromised.

“Primary life-saving technologies such as ABS always take priority,” said Devers.


The Suzuki Kizashi Sport AWD is based on the range-topping XLS specification, ensuring Suzuki’s newest addition draws on the attention to detail that was embodied in the stunning Concept Kizashi show cars.

The Sport AWD model adds stylish new design cues aimed at not only adding to the looks of the critically acclaimed Kizashi range, but also enhancing vehicle performance.

The Kizashi Sport AWD sits 10 mm lower than its front-wheel drive 'siblings', adding a powerful stance from all angles.

That has resulted in the centre of gravity being lowered 15 mm, further reducing body roll and offering superior turn-in and directional change.

Visually, the new Suzuki Kizashi Sport AWD sets itself apart by numerous styling cues.

They include new 10 spoke 18-inch alloy wheels, a new sports mesh lower grille, new sports front bumper, sports side skirts, and chromed bodyside garnishes and fog lamp bezels.

From the rear, the car’s athletic design is accentuated by the new lower ride height and a more pronounced rear sports spoiler.

Inside, the Kizashi Sport AWD maintains the acclaimed interior that has drawn praise from customers and critics. It adds a unique steering wheel with chrome garnishes and also features factory fitted Bluetooth wireless connectivity with steering wheel mounted controls.

This latest version of Bluetooth also enables wireless audio streaming.

The leather seats, handbrake lever and gear lever are highlighted by unique silver stitching.

The Kizashi Sport AWD is based on the XLS specification.

That means it comes complete with a multitude of creature comforts, including dual zone climate control, a 425 watt Rockford Fosgate sound system, heated electric front seats, keyless entry and start system, rain sensing windscreen wipers and auto dimming rear view mirror.

It also means outstanding active and passive safety levels, including six airbags, ESP and Traction Control, ABS brakes with Electronic Brakeforce Distribution and dusk-sensing HID headlamps.


Power for the Kizashi comes from a 2.4-litre DOHC in-line four cylinder engine, designated J24B.

Based on the engine that made its debut in the award winning 2008 Grand Vitara, the engine has been updated for Kizashi with refinements including a maximised intake valve lift and an improved exhaust port shape.

Those improvements have helped realise excellent performance of 131 kW at 6,000 rpm and 230 Nm at 4,000 rpm with outstanding fuel efficiency of just 8.4 litres per 100 km.

The combination of power and fuel efficiency are promoted by measures including maximised intake-valve lift, a variable intake system and a plastic intake manifold that suppresses temperature increases in the intake air for maximum cylinder-charging efficiency.

Intake manifold tuning valve system varies effective length of intake pipe by opening and closing an intake manifold tuning valve in order to improve air volumetric efficiency.

When the intake manifold tuning valve is totally closed, the effective intake pipe length is longer. Engine torque in high rpm ranges drops, while it is improved in middle ranges. This is the typical condition for normal driving.

At high engine speeds, the intake manifold tuning valve is fully open, effectively shortening the length of the intake pipe length. This condition improves engine torque at high rpm ranges for acceleration and overtaking.

Kizashi Sport AWD comes standard with Suzuki’s highly praised continuously variable transmission (CVT).

The CVT controls are similar to a conventional automatic, with an accelerator and brake pedal and a P-R-N-D-style shift pattern.

However, while a traditional automatic transmission has a set number of gear ratios, the CVT can constantly change the relationship of engine to car speed, resulting in an infinite number of speeds.

By controlling the width of two pulleys on input and output sides, CVT enables the engine to maintain its most effective revs for a range of vehicle speeds.

CVT offers a more comfortable ride, as there is no dramatic rev fluctuation that often occurs with conventional automatic gear shifting.

In addition, CVT minimises the chances of a temporary speed loss in shift up or unintended kick-down when going uphill.

Acceleration is smooth, because the engine revs are ideally adjusted in accordance with the pressure on the accelerator pedal.

Because the engine revs are constantly adjusted at an ideally low rate, in cabin noise is kept at minimum levels, making the ride more comfortable and quieter.

The new CVT is perfectly matched to the specific speeds of the Kizashi engine, be it for torque (take-off), horsepower (overtaking) or fuel efficiency.

Because there are no gears to tie a given road speed directly to a given engine speed, the CVT can vary engine speed as required to ensure optimum power and fuel efficiency.

This allows the CVT to provide quicker acceleration than a conventional automatic while also delivering superior fuel economy.

Rally inspired steering wheel mounted paddle shifts are standard on the Suzuki Kizashi Sport AWD.

Enthusiast drivers can automatically engage temporary manual mode by shifting either the left hand paddle (downshifts) or right hand paddle (upshifts), with the selected gear prominent in the centre stack information display.

The temporary manual mode reverts to conventional CVT if a low driving speed is maintained, or the accelerator is pressed and held for more than a few seconds.

Shifting the traditional gear lever across engages full-time manual mode in the Kizashi Sport AWD.

The torque converter provides a range ensuring engine torque is increased to start up the vehicle. In addition, the lock up clutch is initiated around 10 km/h to reduce both power loss and fuel consumption.

Based on this background, torque converter axial dimension has been significantly reduced, by around 20 per cent compared with a conventional automatic transmission torque converter.

This has ensured the Suzuki Kizashi Sport AWD returns excellent ADR 81/02 fuel economy figures of 8.4 litres per 100 km, while emitting a low 198 grammes of CO2 per km.

i-AWD system

Power to the rear wheels is delivered via the i-AWD controller, which constantly monitors driver input and vehicle dynamic conditions to deliver the most efficient division of power.

The key delivery component is an electronically controlled wet-type multi-plate clutch coupling, in which the degree of magnetic clutch action is modulated to provide optimum traction.

The coupling is regulated with an electrical current alternating between the two and all-wheel drive modes, based on data supplied by the array of sensors including wheel, steering wheel, yaw and lateral G.

In a first for Suzuki, the transfer case features a force-fed internal lubrication system to ensure improved durability.

The AWD system can be engaged on the fly by pressing the dash-mounted switch.

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The high levels of safety inherent in the Suzuki Kizashi Sport AWD begin with a light, energy-absorbing body in which structures that absorb and disperse impact energy are combined with a deformation-resisting cabin in line with Suzuki’s proprietary Total Effective Control Technology concept.

That strong body shell is complemented by an array of active and passive safety technologies, including:

  • 3-point seatbelt with pretensioners and force limiting
  • Anti-lock braking system (ABS)
  • Electronic brake force distribution (EBD)
  • ESP® with Traction Control System (TCS)
  • Six airbags, including head protecting side curtain airbags

Kizashi also incorporates high levels of safety for pedestrians, including a safety zone between the bonnet and engine, allowing the bonnet to deform and absorb impact if a pedestrian comes into contact.

This works in combination with the low front bumper design, deformable garnishes and windscreen wipers to maximise pedestrian safety in case of an accident.

“When the first Kizashi concept was unveiled at Frankfurt in 2007 we knew we had something very special on our hands”.

“The launch of the production car earlier this year confirmed Suzuki’s arrival as a major player in the global market”.

“Now, with the arrival of the Kizashi Sport AWD, we can offer Australian customers a range of premium mid-sized vehicles that surpasses anything else on the market for performance, dynamics and value for money,” said Devers.

NOTE: * The indicated price is the Manufacturer's List Price (MLP) and excludes options, dealer delivery fees and the state/territory statutory charges. Additionally, prices are always subject to change without notice.


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