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15th September, 2013

Suzuki is redefining the medium car market with a design overhaul of the brilliant Kizashi sedan.

The three-model line-up now boasts an identical sports body kit, making the Kizashi range the most stylish medium car in the market with an aggressive new stance sitting 10mm lower. The new line-up means each variant boasts the ‘Sport’ motif as a result of the update.

The range kicks off with aggressive new pricing, too, with the entry level Sport Touring starting at just $29,990 drive-away for the manual version.

The entry level Sport Touring now carries an impressive list of standard kit including sports body kit, 18-inch wheels, fog lamps, factory integrated Bluetooth, seven airbags including knee airbag, dual zone climate control and keyless entry and start.

Next step is the Sport Prestige, which adds a plethora of equipment including heated  and powered leather seats, satellite navigation with integrated Bluetooth and reversing camera, front and rear parking sensors, dusk-sensing HID headlamps, rain sensing windscreen wipers, photo chromatic rear vision mirror and sunroof.

Topping the range is the Sport AWD, which boasts an exclusive leather steering wheel and unique silver stitching on the seats. The Sport AWD also features Suzuki’s acclaimed intelligent AWD system, which represents the pinnacle of driving dynamics.

Drawing on more than 40 years of engineering expertise, Suzuki has developed an active all-wheel drive system designed to maximise the driving experience.

Kizashi Sport AWD actually anticipates oversteer or understeer and can split drive to either the front or rear wheels to provide maximum driving enjoyment. This ‘sixth sense’ makes the Kizashi Sport AWD Suzuki’s a fine expression of driving dynamics.

For example, when you accelerate from rest, the system detects the extra throttle input and automatically sends drive to the rear wheels to ensure a smooth, safe take-off.

Most soft roaders and all-wheel drive systems employ a reactive system that engages all four wheels only after detecting a loss of traction. With the Kizashi Sport AWD, its active handling works in partnership with Electronic Stability Control to ensure optimum handling levels, dubbed synergetic vehicle dynamics control by Suzuki engineers.

By constantly monitoring inputs from all the ESP sensors – wheel, steering wheel, yaw and lateral g – the system can anticipate when to increase or decrease torque to the front or rear wheels and even provides counter-steering assistance. The technology adds an extra level of driving enjoyment, while working in tandem with ESP to ensure occupant safety levels are never compromised.

In normal driving, the system is constantly monitoring data sent from all the sensors. In a standard car, excessive understeer would be countered by reducing torque to the front wheels and braking the inside front wheel to assist turn-in. The Sport AWD uses the same data but, if the ESC threshold has not been crossed, the logic helps enhance the driving experience.

Kizashi was always designed to be a driver’s car, and the Kizashi Sport AWD represents the definitive example of that philosophy.

Power for the Kizashi comes from a 2.4-litre DOHC in-line four cylinder engine, which realises excellent performance with 131 kW at 6,000 rpm and 230 Nm at 4,000 rpm with very good fuel efficiency.

Kizashi Sport Touring is available with a six-speed manual or the acclaimed continuously variable transmission (CVT).

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The CVT controls are similar to a conventional automatic, with an accelerator and brake pedal and a P-R-N-D-style shift pattern. However, while a traditional automatic transmission has a set number of gear ratios, the CVT can constantly change the relationship of engine to car speed, resulting in an infinite number of speeds. By controlling the width of two pulleys on input and output sides, CVT enables the engine to maintain its most effective revs for a range of vehicle speeds. CVT offers a more comfortable ride, as there is no dramatic rev fluctuation that often occurs with conventional automatic gear shifting. In addition, CVT minimises the chances of a temporary speed loss in shift up or unintended kick-down when going uphill. Acceleration is smooth, because the engine revs are ideally adjusted in accordance with the pressure on the accelerator pedal. Because the engine revs are constantly adjusted at an ideally low rate, in cabin noise is kept at minimum levels, making the ride more comfortable and quieter.

The Sport Prestige and Sport AWD versions are available only in CVT, with rally inspired steering wheel mounted paddle shifts.

Enthusiast drivers can automatically engage temporary manual mode by shifting either the left hand paddle (downshifts) or right hand paddle (upshifts), with the selected gear prominent in the centre stack information display.

The high levels of safety inherent in all Kizashi variants begin with a light, energy-absorbing body in which structures that absorb and disperse impact energy are combined with a deformation-resisting cabin in line with Suzuki’s proprietary Total Effective Control Technology concept.

That strong body shell is complemented by an array of active and passive safety technologies, including:

  • 3-point seatbelt with pretensioners and force limiting
  • Anti-lock braking system (ABS)
  • Electronic brake force distribution (EBD)
  • ESC with Traction Control System (TCS)
  • Seven  airbags, including head protecting side curtain airbags

Kizashi also incorporates high levels of safety for pedestrians, including a safety zone between the bonnet and engine, allowing the bonnet to deform and absorb impact if a pedestrian comes into contact.

Suzuki Australia Automobile General Manager Tony Devers is confident the new look Kizashi line-up can further boost sales of its class-leading mid-sizer.

“Our research shows many small car buyers have considered Kizashi in the past, particularly the stylish looking Sport version.”

“With an entry level price of just $29,990 drive away, the new look Sport Touring redefines the value equation for these customers. Nothing comes close to the new look Kizashi Sport for features, space, driving dynamics and value,” said Devers.

The all new Kizashi Sport range will be lining up in Suzuki dealerships this month.

Drive-Away Pricing**

Kizashi Sport Touring (M/T)    = $29,990
Kizashi Sport Touring (CVT)   = $32,490
Kizashi Sport Prestige (CVT)   = $37,990
Kizashi Sport AWD (CVT)      = $39,990


** Drive-away prices are based on a particular criteria - details are available from any Suzuki dealership. Additionally, please note that all prices, fees and charges are subject to change without notice, as are the specifications.



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