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Suzuki S-Cross prices*

Model Configuration Transmission MLP*
GL Front-wheel drive manual $22,990*
GL Front-wheel drive CVT $25,490*
GLX Front-wheel drive CVT $29,990*
GLX All-wheel drive CVT $32,990*
GLX Prestige All-wheel drive CVT $34,990*

Suzuki S-Cross release imminent

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4th December, 2013

The new Suzuki S-Cross will make its Australian debut in January, offering new levels of interior space, refinement and fuel economy for Suzuki's small car.

The key features of the new S-Cross speak a clear language: Suzuki once again shines as an expert in the field of cross-over and all-wheel-drive cars.

Striking cross-over styling ensures a remarkably bold and sporty look. The distinctive design offers ample room for passengers and luggage, while the "double" sliding panoramic glass sunroof has one of the largest opening areas in the category.

The new vehicle comes with next-generation all-wheel-drive technology.

The S-Cross is far more than just a cross-over vehicle – it is the pleasant blend of family-friendliness and safety, performance and emotion and is said to deliver driving pleasure.

Great driving enjoyment and versatile family usage

As Suzuki’s designers and engineers began developing the new model as a successor to the innovative SX4, an exhaustive series of focus groups and studies of existing and potential customers begsn. This process was to glean what people wanted from the all-new C-segment Suzuki. The overwhelming response was for Suzuki to “think bigger”.

The new S-Cross is a direct result of that research, delivering a car with class-leading interior space and carrying capacity.

Suzuki made the new S-Cross by uniting its compact-car know-how with technologies honed from 50 years of making sport utility vehicles. As a result of focussing on giving the new S-Cross its distinctive cross-over styling, class-leading space for passengers and luggage, next-generation AWD performance and one of the lowest CO2 emissions in the segment, it achieves a remarkable combination of styling, utility, safety, performance and fuel economy.

It is a model which offers great driving enjoyment and versatile family usage.

Yasushi Sasaki, chief engineer of the new S-Cross, explains: “Daily life – and with it, what is expected of a car – has become far more complex today than it was just a few years ago.”

“Whether it is a family outing to the seaside or a weekend shopping tour in the city, a quick sporting trip, tackling rough terrain and bumpy country roads, or cruising smoothly down the motorway – the S-Cross meets all the needs of the ‘Cross-Living Generation’ perfectly.”

Key features

• Distinctive cross-over styling
The styling combines a bold, sporty cross-over shape, strong lines, a refined, distinctive character and excellent aerodynamics.

• More space for people and luggage
The C-segment dimensions benefit families by making the new S-Cross a class leader in terms of passenger space and luggage capacity (430 litres - measured using the German Association of Automotive Industry (VDA) method).

• Next-generation AWD with ALLGRIP technology
A new AWD system has four driver-selectable driving modes for better performance and safety under many road conditions.

• Some of the lowest CO2 emissions in its category
Engine refinements, superior aerodynamics, and weight savings mean that the new S-Cross has remarkably low CO2 emissions for a C-segment cross-over.

• Superior safety performance
Extensive use of high-tensile steel makes the body outstandingly crashworthy while remaining lightweight. Supplemented by various active and passive safety features, the new S-Cross gives drivers and passengers peace of mind in everyday motoring.

• World’s first double sliding glass sunroof
A double sliding glass panoramic sunroof – the first of its kind – has one of the largest opening areas in this category.

The new S-Cross’s design embodies three key themes: emotion, quality and aerodynamics.

The aerodynamics improve fuel economy, while the bold, characteristic cross-over shape, dynamic lines and numerous sophisticated touches all combine to provide a highly distinctive look. A sharp body line, wheel arch mouldings, skid garnishes and integrated roof rails emphasise the cross-over styling.

Exterior design
Emotionally appealing features include modulated lines running along the sides from front bumper to rear combination lamps, plus a rounded bonnet which conveys a sense of strength and solidity.

Quality features include chrome items at the front; LED positional lamps in the headlamps; boldly contoured shoulders along the side lines; and two-part rear combination lamps.

Aerodynamics are expressed and achieved in every area of the design, such as the roof line, which slopes downwards towards the rear; smooth contours across the side of the body; a modulated line running from front to rear; low-drag wheels and door mirrors.

Interior design
The instrument panel has soft padded surfaces that contain layers of polyvinyl chloride and urethane and an integrated form that evokes dynamic motion. Its contours overlap the doors, giving a sense of width and energy.

Certain items, including the centre ornament, centre console and door trim, have quality silver decorations which add sporty touches against the cabin’s keynote black colour.

The car will launch with a range of six exterior colours includes two new options which highlight the new S-Cross’s urban credentials.

• Crystal Lime Metallic
• Cool White Pearl
• Silky Silver Metallic
• Galactic Gray Metallic
• Cosmic Black Pearl Metallic
• Bright Red


The new S-Cross’s performance results from an exceptional combination of attributes:

AWD SUV capability;
Great handling – derived from the Swift;
Comfort and refinement from the longer wheelbase;
Low CO2 emissions and fuel consumption.

The S-Cross will launch with a 1.6-litre petrol engine, featuring an updated design for performance across the rev range. Weight savings in the engine and related parts help achieve superior fuel economy, together with adequate reserves of power and torque.

Key measures used to promote fuel economy include extensive friction and weight reduction via lower tension piston rings, lighter pistons, connecting rods, crankshaft and bearings.

The new two-stage oil pump with pressure-relief valve and reduced loading of valve springs further aids the quest for less weight, while economy is aided by a lower idling speed and revised fuel cut-off speed.

Other weight savings were made via a lighter exhaust manifold, higher efficiency fuel pump, a new exhaust pipe, revisions to the engine mounting systems and a lighter radiator and fan.

Transmission systems
Transmission systems designed for the new S-Cross help to improve performance and fuel economy and ensure the type of easy, sporty gear shifting which makes driving so enjoyable.

• Manual transmission
A five-speed manual transmission is available with the 1.6-litre petrol engine. Optimised gear ratios boost performance and fuel economy. Lower shift effort provides one with a superior shift feel. And heightened rigidity in the transmission case suppresses noise and vibration, making driving more relaxing.

• Automatic transmission
The continuously variable transmission (CVT) available with the 1.6-litre petrol engine has an auxiliary transmission which extends the range of gear ratios for an outstanding combination of acceleration, hill-climbing performance and fuel economy, while a newly adopted built-in oil cooler ensures superior cooling performance for high-speed driving.

A straight shift gate provides ease of use. In addition, a seven-speed manual mode in the GLX and GLX Prestige model allows the driver to shift up and down using paddles without letting go of the steering wheel.

High rigidity and low body weight
A high-rigidity body is fundamental to handling, comfort, safety and NVH performance. The new S-Cross’s body incorporates a large proportion of high-tensile steel for strength and lightness, while the stiff mountings of the front struts and suspension frame provide greater handling stability. And greater rigidity in the rear of the body boosts NVH performance.

Superior aerodynamic performance
Design engineers aimed for minimal drag from the beginning of the development process by conducting wind-tunnel tests on clay models and using computer-aided engineering technologies. The new S-Cross’s superior aerodynamics benefits both performance and fuel economy.

Key features are as follows:

  • A minimal grille opening area to reduce unnecessary air intake.
  • The front bumper corners, fog lamp bezels, and wheels are shaped to smooth the airflow over the sides of the body.
  • The door mirrors have a low-drag design
  • A smooth roof line from the windshield to the back of the body contours which draw inwards towards the rear of the body, and aerodynamically efficient contours on the rear of the body help to smooth the airflow over the body.
  • The airflow under the body is smoothed by newly introduced components (front strakes, an engine undercover, and floor covers), by the shape of the bottom surfaces of the bumper absorbers, and by the shape of the bottom surface of the muffler.

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Weight reduction technologies
Ingenious weight-reduction technologies, refined through many years of experience in the fiercely competitive mini-car category in Japan, can be found throughout the S-Cross.

High-tensile steel plates are used for about 50% (by weight) of the whole car body, particularly in the major bodywork parts. In addition, super-high-tensile steel plates formed by hot pressing are used in some parts to make the car body even thinner and lighter without any loss of rigidity.

Furthermore, optimisations in the shapes of parts have been carried out to deliver a combination of sleek design, outstanding functionality, and high strength, as seen in the character lines on the sides of the bodywork.

Thanks to the skilful use of thinner and lighter parts, the weight of the S-Cross has been greatly reduced. The S-Cross is 110 kilogrammes lighter than the SX4, despite the fact it has grown larger into a true C-segment sized vehicle.

New ALLGRIP AWD technology
ALLGRIP is Suzuki’s new-generation AWD, engineered by evolving the company’s renowned AWD technologies to provide driving enjoyment and peace of mind in diverse conditions, while promoting economy and limiting the strain which AWD cars place on the environment. The four-mode AWD system in the new S-Cross embodies ALLGRIP technology.

Four-mode AWD system
The AWD system has four driver-selectable modes – auto, sport, snow and lock.

Integrated control of the engine, transmission, ESP, etc., allows selection of an optimal mode to suit road and driving conditions. The driver selects the modes using a simple push-and-turn dial on the centre console.

The AUTO mode prioritises fuel economy in typical driving conditions. The system uses 2WD by default. It switches to AWD if it detects wheelspin.

The SPORT mode is optimal for twisty roads. The system makes maximum use of AWD in response to accelerator inputs. At low- and mid-range engine speeds, the system alters the accelerator/torque characteristics to optimise engine response and cornering performance.

The SNOW mode is optimal for snowy, unpaved and other slippery surfaces. The system uses AWD by default. It optimises the AWD control in accordance with the steering and accelerator inputs in order to enhance traction and stability on low-friction surfaces.

The LOCK mode is designed for extricating the car from snow, mud or sand. The system distributes high torque to the rear wheels continually.

Suspension and brakes
Suzuki models, such as the Swift, incorporate chassis technologies fine-tuned for all road conditions. Suzuki has improved these technologies further for the new S-Cross to give drivers greater enjoyment and greater peace of mind.

The front wheels have a MacPherson-strut suspension system, employing a lighter, more rigid suspension frame to help ensure superior handling stability.

The results of numerous testing are reflected in a superb combination of handling stability and driving comfort. Additionally, increased rigidity in the mountings for the front struts and for the lower arms enhances handling and suppresses noise and vibration.

Ventilated disc brakes at the front and solid disc brakes at the rear ensure plenty of stopping power. Newly specified material for the pistons keeps down weight and improves the braking "feel".

The new S-Cross gives both drivers and passengers peace of mind in everyday motoring by means of its superior stability and comprehensive active and passive safety facilities. It also incorporates a range of standard safety features which protect pedestrians.

The body features Suzuki’s Total Effective Control Technology (TECT) concept for occupant-protecting impact absorption and low weight. Extensive use of high-tensile steel for key parts helps to keep the body light and enhances the vehicle's crashworthiness substantially.

The active safety equipment includes ABS brakes with Electronic Brakeforce Distribution, Electronic Stability Control and Traction Control.

The suite of passive safety equipment includes seven airbags, which offer protection in the event of frontal, lateral or rear impact; seatbelt pretensioners and force limiters; and a mechanism which limits backward movement of the brake pedal.

In addition, bonnet shape and new structures for the cowl top, wipers and bumpers provide impact absorption which lessens the degree of harm if the car comes into contact with a pedestrian.

Comfort and convenience
A spacious, airy cabin and a generously sized luggage area ensure convenience and comfort for the whole family during day-to-day commutes and extended weekend trips.

A 4.3-metre overall length and a 2.6-metre wheelbase allow plenty of cabin space, with the distance between front and rear occupants measuring a generous 814mm.

The front seatbacks are shaped to give rear passengers plenty of knee clearance, making even the longest journeys relaxing.

Even with the rear seat in an upright position, the new Suzuki S-Cross is a class leader in terms of luggage capacity (430 litres). The rear seat and a luggage board can be repositioned to accommodate different kinds of luggage.

The front seats each offer excellent support to hold occupants firmly in place even on curves. A height adjuster for the driver has a fore-aft range of 51mm and an up-down range of 59mm, so drivers of all physiques can choose an optimal position individually.

The rear seat provides for relaxing travel, with ample knee clearance and a retractable centre armrest. The rear seatback can be set at either of two angles. One angle ensures passenger relaxation, while the other provides an additional 10 litres of space in the luggage area on top of its capacity of 430 litres.

The panoramic sunroof is a world first, consisting of two sliding glass panels (one in front of the other). The sunroof extends over the front and rear seats, making the cabin more relaxing for all occupants.

When the sunroof is closed, the glass panels have a combined length of 1,000mm. When the sunroof is open, the opening has a length of 560mm (one of the largest in this segment), giving occupants an invigorating open-roof experience.

Heightened functionality in the meter cluster enables the user to concentrate on driving. A large speedometer and a large tachometer flank a multi-information display that shows the instantaneous fuel consumption, the outside temperature, the time and, in a AWD vehicle, the driving mode.

It also includes a rear-seatbelt warning and indications for ultrasonic parking sensors. The meters each have a peripheral silver ring, giving them a quality look.

Model Range
S-Cross GL standard features
1.6-litre engine
Five-speed manual transmission
Optional CVT
16-inch alloy wheels
Bluetooth with audio streaming
Cruise control
Seven airbags (including driver’s knee airbag)
Tilt/telescopic steering wheel with audio controls
Four-speaker sound system
Roof rails

S-Cross GLX (2WD/AWD) adds
Keyless entry/start
Leather steering wheel
HID headlamps with dusk sensor
Rain-sensing wipers
Dual zone climate control air-conditioning
Seven-speaker sound system
6.1-inch multimedia touchscreen with satnav, Bluetooth, USB integration
Reversing camera and rear parking sensors
17-inch alloys
LED positioning lamps
Silver body garnishes
Paddle shift with 7-speed manual mode
Mirror-mounted side indicators
Auto dimming rear vision mirror

S-Cross GLX Prestige (AWD) adds
Double sliding panoramic sunroof
Leather interior


* Manufacturer's List Price (MLP) excludes dealer delivery fees and the numerous statutory charges (commonly known as on-road costs). Additionally, please note that all prices, fees and charges are subject to change without notice, as are the specifications.



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