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Suzuki Swift Sport released

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21st February, 2012

Suzuki Australia has launched the ultimate expression of its award-winning Swift light car: the all-new Swift Sport.

Almost every element of the car has been redesigned, with an evolutionary and aggressive new look, an upgraded handling package, dramatic powertrain revisions and five-star safety.

Suzuki Australia General Manager Tony Devers said Suzuki had engineered even higher levels of performance and styling, combined with outstanding environmental performance to produce a hot hatch for 2012 and beyond.

“The all new Swift Sport represents the essence of the Suzuki philosophy that driving a compact car does not mean having to settle for less.”

“It characterises the ongoing evolution of our most popular model by the masters of light car engineering to create the sporty flagship of the Swift range.”

“The engineering team was driven by the goal of creating the ultimate Swift, but one that was within reach of all hot hatch fans.”

While one look confirms the Swift DNA is clearly carried over, the new Sport model offers even more: more power, more performance, more handling, more economy and more safety.

The upgraded 1.6-litre engine delivers 100 kW, making this the most powerful Swift ever made, while a 30 kilogramme weight reduction delivers a significant reduction in fuel economy.

Swift Sport now comes standard with an all-new six-speed manual transmission, and for the first time will be offered with an optional seven-speed Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) to further increase appeal and sales potential.



* Body kit including roof spoiler, sport seats and stainless steel pedals
* Draws on JWRC dominance
* Exclusive 17-inch alloy wheels
* Bi-Xenon headlamps

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Accommodation in
Denmark, WA
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* Length has grown by 120 mm to 3.89 metres
* Longer wheelbase (+50 mm) for more comfort and space in the rear
* Wider front and rear track
* Kerb weight reduced 30 kg


* High-revving 1.6-litre four-cylinder with 100 kW at 6,900 rpm
* Performance manifold and variable valve timing
* Fuel savings improved
* Optional seven-speed manual mode CVT with paddle shifters
* All-new six-speed manual transmission


* Electronic Stability Programme (ESP®) with traction control fitted as standard.
* Seven airbags including driver's knee airbag as standard equipment
* Based on Suzuki’s Swift with a five-star rating in the 2010 ANCAP

Creature comforts

* Fully-automatic climate control air-conditioning
* CD radio with MP3 capability, including Bluetooth® and USB port
* Cruise control
* Sport seats with red stitching
* Three-spoke multifunction leather steering wheel with steering wheel controls
* Sporty stainless-steel pedals
* Bi-xenon headlamps (copyright image) (copyright image) (copyright image) (copyright image)

Exterior design

A powerful design and many attractive details ensure the new Suzuki Swift Sport's sporty nature is clear from the outset. The front end is dominated by a large grille and fog lamps, together with bi-xenon headlamps that flank the distinctive "face".

Black-painted A-and B-pillars and exclusive 17-inch alloy wheels give the Swift Sport a distinctive and sporty appearance. There’s a harmoniously integrated roof spoiler, too, and the side skirts help to visually lower the car. The tail lights have a new, cylindrical design, while the dual exhaust tailpipes and metallic diffuser round off the aggressive look.

Interior design

The dynamic and sporty appearance continues inside the Swift range topper, with a mix of tactile and appealing materials adding to the drive experience.

Deeply contoured and supportive front seats with seat cushions and backrests boasting supportive flanks cosset and hold the driver better through corners and give the feeling of being at one with the Swift Sport.

Red contrasting stitching on the seats, steering wheel and shift knob provide a sporty feel and stand in contrast to the silver decorative elements. The pedals are stainless steel, too, drawing on the car’s rich rally heritage.

The clearly laid out cockpit is a real eye-catcher, boasting large, easy-to-read analogue dials teamed with a new multi-information display that records instant and average fuel use and distance to empty.

A new three-spoke leather multifunction steering wheel, adjustable for reach and rake, comes complete with switches to adjust audio functions, cruise control and Bluetooth.

The new Swift Sport measures 3.89 metres in length, making it 120 mm longer than its predecessor and 40 mm longer than the standard Swift model. This is due to the different bumpers that give the car a stronger stance.

Despite the slight dimensional increase over the previous model, the new Swift Sport provides a nimble driving experience and gives the driver an agile feeling even in the narrowest streets of the city.

A wide track and short wheelbase work in tandem with a specially designed rear suspension to provide the most compact and direct driving experience.

Driving dynamics

The previous model provided great performance with its direct handling through twisty roads. This allowed Suzuki’s engineers to focus on detailed work to further optimise the driving characteristics.

Improved directional stability of the torsion beam axle, higher lateral stiffness of the mounting bushes, larger wheel bearings and a stronger trailing arm rear suspension guarantee optimum stability at high speeds and ensure the sportiest experience Suzuki has ever offered.

A 15 per cent increase in the spring rate at the front and 30 per cent at the rear over the standard Swift transforms the handling. The front suspension and steering were tuned to improve response to changes in direction and stability in corners. Additional springs were also fitted to the front struts.

New 17-inch alloy wheels and low profile sports tyres were developed specifically for the Swift Sport. Utilising a new flow form manufacturing process made it possible to roll the rim not only thinner, but at the same time to increase the strength. This saves one kilogramme per rim, reducing unsprung mass, providing more precise response to steering inputs and increased agility.


More power with less fuel consumption. In this modern era both elements of the formula were priorities for the designers of the new Swift Sport.

The 1.6-litre M16A engine is an evolution from the previous model, with the basic structure of the four-cylinder engine retained but subject to numerous developments.

The performance increase is achieved primarily through improved cylinder efficiency and an increased valve lift. The variable valve timing for the intake camshaft and a variable intake manifold also ensure improved airflow.

The improved cylinder filling is achieved with smoother intake ports, revised variable valve opening times and a larger valve lift on the intake side, as well as a variable intake system.

At medium engine speeds, a valve closes in the intake. If the motor is working at a higher or lower part of the rev range, the valve remains open and the path to the inlet valves is shortened considerably.

This function improves the available torque across the rev range.

The net effect of these changes have increased peak output by 8 kW to 100 kW, while torque has increased from 148 Newton Meters (Nm) to 160 Nm, improving the flexibility of the Swift Sport throughout the rev range.

The updates have also contributed to a significant reduction in consumption, as does the new six-speed manual transmission (compared to the predecessor’s five speeds). It was specially developed for the Swift Sport and enables the use of the performance characteristics of the revised 1.6-litre engine to its fullest advantage.

The mileage can be increased while significantly reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

By using a new triple-sync for the first and second gear and low-friction bearings, the gear change comfort has also improved significantly.

A CVT with a low-and high-range auxiliary gearbox gives a wide range of gear ratios, promoting both acceleration and fuel economy, while the rally-inspired shift paddles and a seven-gear manual mode enable sporty driving.

The high-output, high-torque characteristics of the M16 engine are ideally suited to the optimised torque-converter characteristics of the CVT.

The high torque level ensures exemplary launch feel, while the fuel-saving characteristics of the CVT come to the fore at cruising speeds.

In addition, the steering-wheel mounted shift paddles allow the driver to engage the manual mode for maximum driving enjoyment.

With a kerb weight of just 1,060 kilogrammes the new Suzuki Swift Sport is, despite the extensive equipment upgrade, 30 kilogrammes lighter than its predecessor.

The weight saving, in tandem with advanced engine technologies, has reduced fuel consumption from 7.3 litres per 100 km to just 6.5, representing an 11 per cent improvement.

The new CVT has contributed to an even more dramatic improvement, boasting a fuel economy figure of just 6.1 L/100 km.

The combination of more power and less weight has resulted in a weight to power ratio of 10.6 kg/kW, making it superior to any Swift produced, including the older GTi. (copyright image) (copyright image) (copyright image)


The Swift Sport boasts the same safety credentials as its 'sibling', which was awarded the maximum five stars by ANCAP in 2011.

Safety was integral to the design of the new Swift Sport and the extensive use of high and ultra high strength steel helped to produce the stiffest possible body to guarantee occupant safety and also provide benefits with the driving dynamics.

As standard, the Swift Sport comes equipped with seven airbags (including curtain airbags and knee airbag for the driver), Electronic Stability Programme (ESP ®) and ABS with electronic brake-force distribution (EBD).


Extensive use of higher-strength steel makes the new Swift’s body stiffer and lighter. A higher body rigidity and a lower centre of gravity softens the suspension, without making the ride feel unsteady. The overall result is a superior combination of stability and comfort.

Suzuki’s engineers paid particular attention to giving new Swift Sport an even quieter ride and have taken extensive measures against noise and vibration.

Suzuki took a multi-faceted approach, not only suppressing the level of wind noise but also ensuring that the noise occurs as far as possible from the ears of occupants. The difference in the cabin is unmistakable.

Increased body rigidity and increased rigidity in the joints between components are utilised to suppress the generation and transmission of noise. The benefits are complemented by extensive engine, transmission, clutch, suspension, and tyre revisions.

New Suzuki Swift Sport has more comprehensive sound insulation than before with the use of sound-absorbing silencers and other high-performance acoustic parts.

Sealant around the cabin plays a key part in keeping noise out and allows a comfortable and quiet environment for occupants.


The new Swift Sport combines a sporty drive with a host of creature comforts to surprise and delight driver and passenger alike.

The front seats are based on the comfortable, generously sized seats of the new Swift, with extra support provided from newly added side-support pipes on the seat frame inside the seatback and cushion and from newly shaped pads.

The soft leather steering – adjustable for both reach and rake – features newly adopted red cross-stitching on the rim, while the CVT model comes complete with rally inspired shift paddles.

Representing the apex of the Swift line-up, Sport features the latest in-car technology.

This includes the convenience of keyless entry and start, Bluetooth hands-free communications, six-speaker AM/FM/CD system with USB and a digital climate control air-conditioning system.

Six colours are on offer with the new Suzuki Swift Sport – Champion Yellow, Ablaze Red, Boost Blue, Snow White, Premium Silver and Super Black.

NOTE: ESP is a registered trademark of Daimler AG.


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