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Think EVs To Clog Holland's Streets

Think City (copyright image)

The manufacturer has 'tagged' their little electric car the TH!NK City. However, it is impossible to pronounce the non-existent word "TH!NK" in English. That being the case, the manufacturer pronounces the brand name as "Think". But, apparently, they didn't think to call it "Think" in the first place! The Think City is shown here in Amsterdam.

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23rd March, 2009

Norway's electric vehicle manufacturer Think has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to deliver up to 500 TH!NK City electric-powered vehicles this year to ElmoNet, a subsidiary of Mobility Service Netherlands.

With the Dutch Parliament calling for the rapid introduction of EVs (electric vehicles), the Minister of Transport, Mr. Camiel Eurlings, earlier this year announced a fund of 10 million Euros to be made available to support the large scale, early introduction of electric mobility.

Marjan Minnesma, Director of Urgenda said “Ambitious visions and concrete measures are required to make the Netherlands the most important experimental garden for electric mobility”. Urgenda is an active foundation that aims to transform the Netherlands into a model for sustainable development.

Richard Waitz, Think’s Sales Director, is very optimistic about the rapidly growing opportunities in the Dutch market, and welcomed this initiative by the Dutch Parliament. "The shift to zero emission clean technology vehicles is a paradigm shift, where Government support is creating an important basis for the first larger scale fleet applications" says Waitz. “Think is moving quickly to take advantage of these programmes in the Netherlands and all across Europe”.

TH!NK City is a modern, two seater urban car which has a top speed of 100 km/h (65 mph). It accelerates from zero to 50 km/h (30 mph) in just 6.5 seconds and 80 km/h (50 mph) in 16 seconds. With zero local emissions and an energy efficiency three times that of a traditional combustion engine car, it is a car for the environment. It can travel for  180 km (112 miles) in city driving on a fully charged battery.

The Cities of Amsterdam and Rotterdam have already expressed keen interest to introduce the TH!NK city electric car in their regions. Think delivered the first TH!NK city EVs to ElmoNet in February, and will continue to deliver vehicles according to the MOU in 2009.


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