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Benefits Of Toyota's Local Manufacturing

Toyota Altona Plant tour by dealer staff (copyright image)

Toyota Altona Plant tour by dealer staff

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5th July, 2009

Toyota Australia opened its manufacturing plant to dealers and sales staff recently to highlight the economic importance of the company's locally-made vehicles.

Toyota manufactures four-cylinder Camry and V6 Aurion sedans in Altona, Victoria.

One thousand participants from Toyota Australia's 211 dealerships toured the production plant to update their knowledge on the quality and features of Camry and Aurion and the vehicles' importance to Australia.

Toyota Australia senior executive director sales and marketing David Buttner said the Australian production, sale and export of Camry and Aurion directly supported Australian business and jobs.

"Through our sales personnel, our customers will know they have the option to back quality locally built products that contribute to the local automotive industry and economy," he said.

Toyota's 3,400 employees at its manufacturing plant in Altona last year produced 141,467 vehicles and 114,752 four-cylinder engines.

Nearly 3,000 businesses across Australia supply parts to Toyota, and business transactions involving Toyota vehicle parts totalled $2.92 billion during 2008.

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"Manufacturers are under pressure - significantly scaling down manufacturing operations, and as a consequence many parts suppliers are struggling to make ends meet," said Mr Buttner.

"Toyota is doing all it can to buoy the market and with the Altona plant soon beginning manufacture of another vehicle, Hybrid Camry, further employment security and supplier demand will be created," he said.

Toyota is the number one motor vehicle maker in Australia and has Australia's largest automotive export programme, generating $1.9 billion a year in export revenue.

Toyota exports in 2008 reached an Australian industry record of 101,668 cars to over 20 countries.

At a regional level, 211 Toyota dealers play a significant role in supporting their local communities, collectively employing in excess of 11,000 people.


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