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Toyota Corolla world's #1 seller (copyright image)

2010 Toyota Corolla Levin ZR

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24th May, 2010

More people bought a Toyota Corolla in the world last year than any other car, according to the latest sales figures.

A total of 908,661 drivers put a new Corolla on the road, thus continuing its 'career' as the world's most popular car.

This was 127,500 sales - or 16.3 per cent more than Corolla's nearest rival.

Toyota has plans to lift Corolla sales even higher, with plans announced for a new factory in China that will produce 100,000 cars a year from 2012.

Two other Toyota vehicles were also among the top 10 sellers: Camry (6th - 679,117) and Yaris (10th - 466,267). All three cars are offered to Australian motorists, as well as the key global markets of North America, Europe and Asia.

They are based on global platforms and incorporate modifications to suspension and engine line-ups to suit local tastes.

Economic forecaster IHS Global Insight compiled the sales figures for 2009, which were published by Forbes magazine.

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Australia enjoys a significant place in world automotive history as the first export destination for Corolla. Toyota shipped a car to Australia in November 1966, just one month after the vehicle was launched in its home market of Japan.

Corolla must have struck a chord locally, because the 1.1 litre two-door first-generation model went on sale in Australia in 1967.

It was an instant hit, thanks to its performance, fuel economy, durability and reliability, and youthful good looks.

The Toyota Corolla was built in Australia from 1968 to 1999 and is now fully imported. Cumulative local sales exceed 1.1 million.

More than any other car, Corolla built the reputation of the Japanese automotive industry - and that of Toyota.

Corolla continues to sell strongly around the world after 44 years and nine full model changes.

Global sales are now over 32 million. The Corolla is produced in 16 countries and sold in more than 140.


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