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Toyota Corolla sedan release imminent

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7th February, 2014

The 11th generation Toyota Corolla sedan will arrive in local showrooms in the coming week or so. It joins the hatchback model which has proven very popular.

During 2013 Corolla sales totalled 43,498 units, making the highly regarded small car the best selling car in the nation.

Toyota has stretched the wheelbase of the new Corolla sedan to deliver advances in design, interior space and driving appeal.

The new Corolla sedan will be made in Thailand for the Australian market.

Toyota Australia's executive director sales and marketing Tony Cramb said a more spacious cabin was the most obvious benefit resulting from the decision by Toyota's engineers to provide an extra 100mm between the front and rear axles.

"That 100mm is very important inside a car where more than half of the extra length has been devoted to improving the space and comfort of rear-seat passengers, including a significant increase in knee room," Mr Cramb said.

"The entire cabin offers a roomier and more premium environment with redesigned seats for greater flexibility and comfort - and the boot is also larger for the convenience of owners," he said. (copyright image)
Toyota Corolla Ascent Sport
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Toyota Corolla Ascent (auto)
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"The longer wheelbase - along with a lower roofline and shorter rear overhang - have allowed designers to craft a dramatic and expressive shape with more dynamic proportions."

"Corolla's revised dimensions also result in a larger footprint with the wheels pushed closer to the corners of the car, enhancing the driving feel."

The Free Trade Agreement with Thailand had enabled Toyota to develop a larger car with added features while keeping a lid on prices.

"Thailand's automotive manufacturing sector is well-known for producing robust vehicles like HiLux," he said.

Cumulative worldwide Corolla sales exceed 40 million since the nameplate was launched in 1966, including more than 1.25 million in Australia.

The new sedan will be built in 16 locations and sold in more than 150 countries.



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