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Toyota Hilux receives safety upgrades (copyright image)

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8th October, 2010

Toyota is holding prices - while offering added equipment including important safety features - on specific variants of its top-selling 4WD HiLux range.

The value-add changes apply to the recreational SR5 double cab turbo-diesel 4x4 as well as option packs for the volume-selling SR double-cab petrol and diesel 4x4. On other models, Toyota has cut hundreds of dollars from the option prices on safety gear.

The 4x4 Double Cab turbo-diesel SR5 upgrade brings a raft of new active safety features as standard equipment, supplementing its existing passive safety of six airbags. Toyota has added vehicle stability control and traction control as standard equipment. In addition, the existing anti-skid brakes have been enhanced with brake assist and electronic brake-force distribution. The technical upgrade to this model also brings 17-inch alloy wheels, including a full-size spare, which replace 15-inch wheels.

Despite the changes, the prices remain at $53,690* for the manual and $55,690* for the auto. Air-conditioning is standard.

The SR changes relate to the anti-skid brake option pack, which has been expanded to include substantial extra equipment while the price remains at $800. Additional features for the pack include curtain-shield airbags and new sports-style buckets seats for the driver and front passenger, fitted with side airbags.

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On 4x2 and other 4x4 HiLux models where customers can choose to add anti-skid brakes, the option price has been halved to $400. On 4x2 HiLux models where anti-skid brakes and a limited-slip differential are offered as a package, the option price has been cut by $300 to $700.

Toyota HiLux is one of Australia's most popular vehicles - often used as a workhorse during the week and family transport at the weekend. It has been Australia's top-selling vehicle on five separate occasions - most recently in April 2010. It is the only ute to have achieved this 'milestone'.

More than 670,000 Toyota HiLux vehicles have been sold in Australia, with well over half being 4x4 versions. Toyota offers 32 HiLux variants, including two and four-wheel-drive models, three cabin styles and three twin-cam engines (2.7-litre four-cylinder and 4.0-litre V6 petrol, and 3.0-litre turbo-diesel). Most models offer the choice of manual or automatic transmissions. There are three equipment grades: Workmate, SR and SR5.

NOTE: * Manufacturer's List Price (MLP) do not include dealer delivery fees and the various statutory charges or insurance. Additionally, prices are subject to change without notice.


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