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Toyota Extends Prius Battery Warranty To Eight Years

Toyota Prius - Generations 1, 2 and 3 (copyright image)

Toyota Prius - Generations 1, 2 and 3

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29th June, 2009

The hybrid battery in every Toyota Prius sold in Australia is now covered by an eight-year/160,000km* warranty.

The three-year/60,000km extension of the warranty applies to more than 12,700 cars sold since Prius was launched here in late 2001 - and every Prius sold from today.

Toyota Australia's senior executive director sales and marketing David Buttner said the extended warranty is further evidence of Toyota's confidence in the life of the hybrid battery.

"Fewer than one-quarter of one per cent of Prius hybrid batteries have been replaced in almost eight years of sales," Mr Buttner said.

"Their endurance has been tested under severe conditions, with several Prius taxis driven for more than 400,000 kms on the original battery in the hot, humid climate of Cairns."

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"That's equivalent to more than 20 years of normal driving."

"There is also a comprehensive recycling programme in place for the batteries with our suppliers certified to ISO14001."

Toyota is writing to all Prius owners to notify them of the extended warranty.

Prius was introduced to Australia in 2001. The second-generation car went on sale in 2003 and the third-generation will enter the market in the second week of July 2009.

The extended warranty also applies to Lexus GS, RX and LS hybrids, including more than 2,200 already on Australian roads.

*Whichever comes first.


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