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Local input for new Toyota Yaris (copyright image)

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5th August, 2011

Input by local Toyota engineers has ensured the chassis and steering for the next-generation Yaris hatch will suit Australian conditions and driver expectations.

The Toyota Technical Centre in Melbourne contributed to the steering calibration, which delivers the type of feedback and directness appreciated in this market.

The local engineers also confirmed the overall chassis package for Australia which provides sharp handling - similar to that preferred by European drivers.

Two features in the next-generation Yaris make it highly suited to city driving - a small turning circle and added power assistance at parking speeds. New Yaris is slightly longer than the previous model and has an urban-friendly tight turning circle of 9.4 metres.

The adoption of electric power steering across the Yaris range provides greater ease and range of turning. Yaris needs a relatively small steering input on roads that require frequent turning with narrow corners.

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Body rigidity has been improved to reduce twisting as well as excess suspension movements, particularly at the rear. The result is greater driving enjoyment, better rear-wheel grip, sharper steering response and improved driving stability during turning.

New Yaris will build on the current car's strengths - efficient engines and easy-to-drive characterists, especially around town - by offering even greater agility.

Engineering and design technologies, combined with weight-saving measures and aerodynamic improvements, help cut fuel consumption and emissions without harming power and torque levels.

The interior of the new Toyota Yaris is focused on the cockpit, with the speedometer and other meters now directly in the driver's eyeline. The steering wheel has a more upright angle for a more engaging driving position.

Front seats are new, with increased vertical adjustment and better body holding and comfort to help combat driver fatigue on long journeys.

The new Toyota Yaris will be released throughout Australia in October.


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