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Trakka Torino is on sale now with a drive-away price from $119,500**

Trakka Torino

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23rd April, 2014

Trakka Torino has a new interior that boosts daytime versatility and night time flexibility.

“Making a motor home a home away from home is more than a marketing slogan,” explains David Berry, Managing Director, Trakka. “Our motor homes have to function just like a home and, in the same way that not everyone uses their home in the same way; our owners want the Torino to adapt to their needs, not the other way around. This is why we have made the biggest single change to Trakka Torino since its launch.”

The biggest change to the new Torino is that the rear compartment, which in the previous design was a double bed across the width of the Fiat Ducato on which it is based, has been turned through 90 degrees, so the bed now runs lengthwise. At the same time it has been split, so that it offers a three way choice of a spacious double bed, joined twin beds or two completely separate beds. In full twin bed mode a bedside table unit with draw separates two beds, while in joined twin bed mode this area is filled with an additional mattress section.

“This new arrangement provides couples with a new choice,” says Dave Berry. “In addition to the traditional double bed, the joined single beds allow couples to sleep together but at the same time, be able to exit the bed without disrupting or even having the climb over their partner. In full single bed mode, the Trakka Torino becomes a vehicle which friends and family may enjoy the open road with separate sleeping arrangements.”

As well as offering a new night time choice of set ups, the split rear bed means that the Torino now uniquely has two day time sitting areas. In the front compartment the front seats swivel around as either a seating or dining area, while at the back the twin beds double as spacious lounges and a flexible table may also be used here, too.

“This arrangement makes the Trakka Torino much more like a traditional home, where the people living in it may have their own space for their own activities,” explains Mr Berry. “Now, for example one person may watch the football on TV in the rear section, while their partner may sit in peace at the front and read a book or talk to a friend over a cup of tea – or vice versa!”

In providing the Trakka Torino with a new flexible and versatile interior, Trakka have not done away with any of the features and equipment that have made it a leading design.

The kitchen is a clever design that, despite its compact size, includes a two burner stove, stainless steel sink, microwave oven, supported by a spacious fridge freezer and a capacious six drawer storage unit with a sliding panel that gives a clean appearance when not in use.

The patented Switch Mode Bathroom or SWB is, if anything, even more cunning than the kitchen.

Recognising that few would need to use the toilet and the shower at the same time, so having a room where both were simultaneously available was a waste of space; Trakka came up with the ingenious SWB. When not in use, the toilet simply electronically slides away into a hidden compartment, revealing a spacious shower cubicle and plenty of room to use the wash basin and vanity unit. (copyright image)
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In another one of Trakka’s ‘How do they do that?’ design features, the new Torino interior may now have a split bed, but it has also retained the 400 litre ‘boot’ that was under the previous double bed and accessible from the rear doors of the Tornio, joining the impressive list of storage spaces and even a wardrobe within the Tornio’s compact exterior dimensions.

Using the standard powered step to leave the new Torino interior, the exterior has a four metre awning as standard, outside shower with hot and cold water as well as work bench. From the outside it is also possible to see the large windows that provide the Torino with its light, airy interior and which are double glazed for all season performance.

The Trakka Torino is based on the Fiat Ducato, the vehicle used around the world for more motor homes than any other and which has shown its motor home prowess not just in Australia, but also across Europe and in North America. Fiat deliberately designed the Ducato with the motor home user in mind, even undertaking special testing with motor home ‘mule’ test vehicles to ensure that the drivetrain meets the needs of motor home owners.

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The engine of Fiat Ducato used in the Torino was designed specifically for this application, with its three litre Turbo Diesel engine, using the latest Fiat patented Multijet direct injection technology, pumping out 400 Nm of torque which provides effortless performance. Designed to meet the specific needs of the motor home users, the six speed self-shifting gearbox has sensors that spots hills, changing down early to go up them and holding on to low gears to provide additional braking on the way down.

The new Trakka Torino is on sale now with a driveaway price from $119,500**.


** Drive-away Price includes dealer delivery fees and the numerous statutory charges (commonly known as on-road costs). Certain criteria and assumptions are utilised to calculate this price. There may be a variation if your circumstances differ from the assumptions used to calculate the drive-away price.

Please note that all prices, fees and charges are subject to change without notice, as are the specifications.



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