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As you step into Trakka’s new Fiat-based Trakkaway 760 motor home, you can’t help wonder why you would choose a hotel room in one location, when you have the ability to tour the country in complete high-tech luxury.

The newly designed Trakkaway 760 offers all the ‘bells and whistles’ you could desire, all in a compact motor home that offers a wealth of standard inclusions making it great value for money.

“After drawing from the company’s years of experience and research among long-time Trakka owners, we decided to fit the Trakkaway 760 with previously considered ‘optional extras’ as standard - an offer that is sure to surpass any competitive offer currently on the market,” says Martin Poate, General Manager, Trakka.

Some of the items on the extensive list of inclusions that come in the standard package for the motor home include a large 175 litre fridge/freezer, a huge 165 litre water tank, 3 gas bottles, bigger windows for ventilation and genuine European leather trimmings, which all add to greater on-road luxury during long motor homing trips.

The Trakka Trakkaway 760 motor home also includes as standard a motorised electric awning, two high definition TV/DVDs, ducted air conditioning, ducted diesel room heating and a Trakka designed Electronic Control System – allowing travellers to monitor the condition of batteries, water levels, temperature and circuits with the push of a button.

Environmental buffs will also appreciate the extra eco-inclusions in the motor home such as two large powered skylights, 125 Watt solar charging system, low draw LED lights with dimming function and, as an optional extra, the revolutionary Rain Water Retrieval (RWR) system.

“The Rain Water Retrieval system sets new benchmarks for environmental efficiencies in motor homes as it harvests and stores extra water when it is raining for use in and around the motor home,” says Martin Poate of Trakka.

“The skylights provide natural light and ventilation and the solar charging system is an eco-friendly form of energy generation and conservation – ideal for trips in remote locations.”

The Trakkaway 760 is based on a Fiat Ducato with an AL-KO chassis giving it a low centre of gravity as well as easy entry into the motor home.

The lighter weight AL-KO chassis means greater loading capacity and independent suspension ensures ride comfort.

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“The Fiat Ducato with the AL-KO chassis enables Trakka to provide not only a vehicle that is a pleasure to drive and a motor home that treads as lightly on the wallet as it does on the environment, it also enables Trakka to provide a motor home with superb levels of comfort, spaciousness and ease of use,” says Andrei Zaitzev, General Manager of Fiat in Australia.

“It is a superb combination of Fiat technology and Trakka design integrity, ingenuity and expertise.”

A new rear aerodynamic curved panel was carefully designed by Trakka’s expert team to enhance and 'contemporise' the motor home as well as reduce wind resistance for highway driving. Every element of the motor home was calculated and engineered to maximise the use of space to achieve a fine blend of form and functionality.

“From the spacious separate dining and lounge areas and an ergonomically designed kitchen, through to the queen sized island bed at the rear with large under bed storage, the Trakkaway 760 provides creature comforts and practicality for any extended journey,” says Mr Poate.

The newly released Fiat Ducato-based Trakkaway 760 motor home caters for four people and a significant benefit of the motor home is its accessibility to everyday drivers with only a normal driver’s license required.

The Trakka Trakkaway 760 is priced at $199,700 drive-away in New South Wales.


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