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Trakkaway 800, based on the Mercedes Benz Sprinter 519 CDI
seven-speed automatic, has a drive-away price from $210,000**

Trakka Trakkaway 800

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23rd April, 2014

Trakka's new Trakkaway 800 combines the luxury of space inside without frustration of large motor home on the outside integrated with the security of a Mercedes-Benz drivetrain and chassis.

“Motor home clients all too often are confronted with having to make the choice of either having a compact, easy to drive motor home and doing without the luxuries or having those luxuries, but in a large motor home that can be frustrating to drive,” explains David Berry, Managing Director, Trakka. “Our goal with the Trakkaway 800 was to offer all the requirements of a full size motor home, from an island bed to a fully equipped kitchen, but do so with a more compact external size to ensure it was easy to drive and manoeuvrable.”

Trakka have achieved their target with a combination of the design for which the company has built a unique reputation over the past 40 years which makes use of every single cubic centimetre and using the latest technology to enable luxury features to be fitted in a size of vehicle which in the past would not have been possible.

From the outside it could be hard to believe that the Trakkaway 800 offers a full double island bed, with free and easy access from three sides, so no more climbing over the bed – or a sleeping partner – to get into bed. Also banished is that requirement in some motor homes of crawling up the bed to get to the other end. This bed is as easy to access as any normal bed in a house. With a sliding door, it even has the same level of privacy.

How has this been achieved?

By integrating a powered sliding section at the rear of the Trakkaway 800 that expands the bedroom when required to full size – and does so by remote control, allowing safe operation from outside the Trakkaway 800. Also, like some bedrooms there are two wardrobes and a 60cm LED HD-TV with a built-in DVD player.

Like the bedroom, from the outside its almost hard to believe that this vehicle has a fully equipped bathroom with basin, toilet and shower, but this is all made possible with the patented Switch Mode Bathroom or SWB.

“When we were designing motor home bathrooms we had a real brainwave moment,” explains Dave Berry. “We realised that there would never be a moment when someone would wish to use the toilet and the shower at the same time, so why have a bathroom where they have to share the same space? This is how we came up with the SWB – to put it simply, when it’s not needed, the toilet automatically slides away, freeing space for a proper shower cubicle and a decent sized wash basin.”

The same intelligent design has been used in the kitchen to enable it to be a proper kitchen in which meals, not snacks, may be prepared and the fresh produce available while travelling may be fully exploited. The three burner stove is complimented by a gas oven and a microwave cooker, with spacious stainless steel sink and draining board available for cleaning up after a meal. To ensure that Trakkaway 800’s catering range is as long as its fuel range from its efficient Mercedes diesel engine, a spacious three way fridge/freezer is fitted with commodious storage spaces, sliding pantry and drawers.

“What good is all this luxury if it can’t be shared with new friends met along the road?” asks Dave Berry. “So although the Trakkaway 800, in its standard guise, is fitted with two berths, in the  lounge area there are two spacious lounges and the front seats swivel around to provide comfortable seat for six people and with the multi-position table in place, it’s even possible to host a dinner party!” (copyright image)
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The flexible design of the new Trakkaway 800 means that the sleek two berth version, with its aerodynamic pod above the driving compartment for additional headroom and storage space, is complimented by an optional Luton cab, the Aero4, which adds another double bed to the Trakkaway 800.

Under the skin the Trakkaway 800 has a host of features to maintain luxury and comfort. Like all good luxury homes it has ducted central heating and air conditioning, all the major systems are electronically controlled, the latest LED lighting sets a new standard for both illumination and low power consumption, the seven windows are double glazed for all season performance and a powered skylight ensures that the interior is always fresh and inviting. The Trakkaway 800 offers both full mains connection for not just electricity but also water and, as an option; it can collect and store rain water.

Outside, the Hi-Gloss moulded finish is just the start of the features on the Trakkaway 800. Under the powered side awning there is space to relax, to use the standard barbeque and even have a cleansing post-swim shower, or just wash the sand of the your feet. There is a work bench for preparing meals and external storage lockers for all the essentials of an active outdoor life – or a quiet, relaxing one!

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No one has been manufacturing vehicles longer than Mercedes and the German company pioneered diesel power in vehicles, so the legendary three pointed star on the nose of the Trakkaway 800 is a signal of quality and technical ability, as well as the renowned reputation for durability and reliability. Powered by a 3.0 litre turbo intercooled diesel engine with the latest common rail technology, Mercedes provides the Trakkaway 800 with 140 kW and a massive 440 Nm of torque, making performance under all conditions effortless, thanks to a seven speed self-shifting gearbox. The chassis has not just the latest design for comfort and responsiveness, but with the safety of reversing camera, ABS anti-lock brakes, traction control and electronic stability control; it is equipped with the full armoury of safety features. Naturally to these safety features, Trakka adds a smoke detector, fire extinguisher and 240V earth leakage protection.

Mercedes also complements Trakka’s luxury appointments with its own for the driver and front seat passenger, with a host of features that would be expected of a Mercedes luxury car, from full power operation of windows, locks and mirrors, to the SatNav system, cruise control, fingertip controls on the steering wheel, digital audio system with Bluetooth and USB/AUX connections.

The Trakkaway 800, based on the Mercedes Benz Sprinter 519 CDI seven speed automatic, has a driveaway price from $210,000**.


** Drive-away Price includes dealer delivery fees and the numerous statutory charges (commonly known as on-road costs). Certain criteria and assumptions are utilised to calculate this price. There may be a variation if your circumstances differ from the assumptions used to calculate the drive-away price.

Please note that all prices, fees and charges are subject to change without notice, as are the specifications.



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