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Volvo S60 T6 R-Design "Polestar"

Volvo brings on more "Polestar"

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2nd April, 2012

Due to the success of the limited-edition Volvo S60 Polestar launched late last year, Volvo Car Australia is making Polestar tuning software available across a range of its R-Design vehicles.

From today, all T6 R-Design variants, the C30 T5 R-Design and the XC60 D5 R-Design (see full vehicle list below) will be optimised with Polestar's unique engine management software which gives significant power and torque upgrades.

By increasing turbo pressure and recalibrating the engine management system, Volvo’s racing and performance partner Polestar has released extra power, boosting the T6 engine to 242 kW at 5,400-6,500 rpm (up from 224 kW on the standard T6) and the torque to 480 Nm (up from 440 Nm) at 3,000-3,600rpm.

In addition, fast-spooling turbos and changed throttle mapping provide instant reaction to inputs, which help to deliver even greater performance and mid-range punch. Only a discreet blue Polestar badge on the rear gives any indication that these R-Designs are packing a greater punch.

"It was only natural that when the opportunity arose to further develop our Polestar association, we leapt at the chance. Australia is a performance-oriented market and this software optimisation in a number of our key products allows us to broaden the depth of performance offerings from Volvo." said Matt Braid, Managing Director of Volvo Cars Australia.

Performance for the S60 and V60 T6 R-Designs over the 0-100 km/h benchmark are 5.8 seconds (down from 6.1 secs), and 5.9 secs (down from 6.2 secs) respectively. The XC60 T6 R-Design hits the same speed in 7.0 seconds (down from 7.3 secs).

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The C30 T5 R-Design gets similar gains in power and torque, delivering 184 kW and 370 Nm (up from 169 kW and 320 Nm respectively), while the diesel XC60 D5 enjoys 169 kW and 470 Nm (up from 158 kW and 440 Nm).

The 0-100 km/h sprint in the Polestar-optimised manual C30 T5 R-Design is covered in 6.3 seconds and 6.8 secs for the auto (down from 6.7secs and 7.1 secs respectively). The XC60 D5 by Polestar despatches the same sprint in 8.1 seconds, shaving 0.2 secs of the previous time.

Importantly, all Polestar-optimised models also maintain their existing fuel consumption and CO2 emission figures, thanks to efficient engine tuning which only increases power output when it's needed, ie overtaking and long uphill gradients.

"By adding Polestar's performance software to select R-Design models, we are able to optimise our performance models further and give the discerning buyer a true stealth weapon option," continues Matt Braid.

Volvo's full three-year unlimited kilometre warranty applies to all Polestar-optimised models. The Polestar software tuning upgrade is the only software upgrade endorsed by Volvo Car Corporation.

The Polestar-optimised R-Design range is available now at all local Volvo dealerships.

Volvo R-Design Polestar Range - Pricing*

C30 T5 R-Design                 $43,490* (man) / $44,990* (auto)
S60 T6 R-Design                 $75,490* (auto)
V60 T6 R-Design                 $78,490* (auto)
XC60 D5 R-Design               $72,490* (auto)
XC60 T6 R-Design              $78,490* (auto)

About Polestar:

Polestar was founded in 1996 in collaboration with the Volvo Car Corporation. The company's core business is focused on research and development through motor sport. It has successfully raced a range of Volvo models including the 850, S40, S60 and C30 in both the Swedish Touring Car Championship and the World Touring Championship.

NOTE: * Manufacturer's List Price (MLP) excludes dealer delivery fees and the numerous statutory charges (commonly known as on-road costs). Additionally, please note that all prices, fees and charges are subject to change without notice, as are the specifications.


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