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Volvo At SEMA



8th November, 2007

Volvo's Hot-Rod, the Caresto V8 Speedster

For Volvo's fifth straight year at the annual Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) trade show, the Swedish manufacturer showed five highly modified versions of its vehicles. Ranging from the all-new XC70 Surf Rescue to a high-performance version of the S80 T6 running on bioethanol fuel to a one-off custom made hot rod, this year marks Volvo Cars' most ambitious SEMA effort ever.

Four of the concepts are based on production versions of the Volvo XC70, the S80 T6, the C70 Convertible and the C30, while the fifth car is a built-from-the-ground-up, totally custom hot rod using major Volvo components from the previous-generation S80.

Built purely as design concepts and prototypes, each car is decidedly different while still remaining uniquely Volvo. Once again, Volvo worked with Heico Sportiv in Germany to build the S80 T6 HPC and C30, while Caresto was selected to build the C70 and hot rod. The XC70 concept was conceived from the Volvo Cars design team and built by Aria, a concept car building firm located in Irvine, California (USA).

Volvo XC70 Surf Rescue (SR)

Volvo's legendary core value of safety is the driving force behind this exciting concept. Designed around the lifeguard vehicles seen on many California beaches, the XC70 SR rides atop a 5-inch-lift suspension, oversized tyres and heavily modified body panels. Inside is a full compliment of life-saving equipment and custom rescue surfboards. The 3.2-litre engine produces 235 horsepower that is seamlessly transferred through all four wheels via Volvo's electronically controlled all-wheel-drive system.

Heico Sportiv S80 T6 High Performance Concept (HPC)

Heico and Volvo are no strangers when it comes to SEMA, and the S80 T6 HPC is testament to how well both companies work together. The S80 T6 HPC features a 350-horsepower E85 bioethanol T6 engine that is routed through an all-wheel-drive system. It's outside, however, that the S80 T6 HPC really shines. A unique 7-layer "metal effect" paint scheme makes the car literally glow. Inside is a fully custom Mystic Blue leather interior with a sweeping aluminium centre stack that arcs seamlessly from the top of the instrument panel to the rear bucket-style seats.

Heico Sportiv C30

Similar to the XC70 SR, the Heico C30 is inspired by surfing; this time from the unique surf pattern inlay found on the C30's aluminium centre stack. Aside from the striking orange designs on the outside, the Heico C30 features a lowered stance, a fully custom body kit with integrated spoilers and larger air ducts. Quad exhaust tips hint at the 300 horsepower beneath the bonnet. Bright orange, high-quality leather seats and interior trim make this car nearly impossible to miss.

Caresto C70

Built as a successor to the Caresto Hot Rod that made its debut at last year's SEMA show, the Caresto C70 provides a convertible experience. Power output has been increased from 218 to 278 horsepower and torque has received a healthy bump from 236 lb.-ft. to 325 lb.-ft. from 1,500 - 4,800 rpm. The interior has been completely redone featuring hand stitched chestnut leather. Body modifications include new front and rear clips with distinctive brushed aluminum inserts around the fog lights and custom exhaust ports.

Caresto Hot Rod

First shown at last year's SEMA show, the Caresto Hot Rod was so well received Volvo Cars brought it back for the 2007 show as a compliment to the Caresto C70 Convertible. Completely hand assembled from aluminium and carbon fibre, the Caresto Hot Rod features many Volvo parts, including the mid-engine 311-horsepower V8 engine. Craftsmanship is what sets the Caresto Hot Rod apart from many other custom cars. Precision fit and finish is evidenced on every body panel and stitch of premium leather.

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