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Volkswagen at GTI Meet (copyright image)

Volkswagen Golf GTI cabriolet (copyright image)

Volkswagen Golf R cabriolet concept

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Volkswagen travelled to the largest GTI Meet in the world, in Worthersee (Austria), with a fleet of new models and concept cars. After revealing the new Golf GTI Edition 35, the company pulled the veils off some other secret projects of a sporty nature: Volkswagen presented the Golf R Cabriolet as a concept car with 199 kW of power and a top speed of 250 km/h; it is a fascinating thought experiment in cabrio dynamics. This powerful cabrio also demonstrates the inexhaustible potential of the Golf. But there was more news as well: other concept cars such as the Golf R Concept and the latest accessories made the GTI Meet a 'mecca' for every Volkswagen enthusiast.

Golf R Cabriolet concept:

Volkswagen recently introduced the new Golf Cabriolet, and the designers and engineers of Volkswagen R GmbH have already come up with an extremely sporty variant of this model: the Golf R Cabriolet Concept. Like its closed top counterpart, the 199 kW (270 PS) Cabriolet concept races to the 100 km/h mark in less than six seconds. Their top speeds are also identical at 250 km/h. This makes the R Cabriolet the fastest open-top Golf ever. Even more impressive, however, is the engine's tremendous torque of 350 Newton metres from a low 2,500 rpm making this cabriolet an ideal cruiser.

Like the closed-top Golf R, the cabriolet was lowered by 25 mm via a sport chassis. A 17-inch brake system with internally ventilated discs at all wheels and blue painted high-performance brake callipers (including R logo) enables impressive deceleration values. Making contact to the road surface on the Golf R Cabriolet Concept are 19-inch Talladega alloy wheels with size 235 tyres.

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Naturally, the Golf R Cabriolet Concept also presents an especially sporty interior concept. Motor sport shell seats in dark blue carbon leather, combined with high-end Nappa leather in Pure Grey, set the tone here. The backs of the shell seats are painted in luxurious black piano paint. Upholstery piping and decorative seams provide for colour contrast. Carbon accents emphasise the concepts technical-sporty character. The sand-blasted aluminium door sill plates with black piano paint inlays display finely crafted workmanship.

Golf R Concept:

Two variations of the Golf R Concept are also making strong visual statements at Wörthersee. Like the classic Golf R and the R Cabriolet on display at the meet, the two Golf R Concepts are also powered by a 2.0 litre turbo engine with the mentioned 199 kW (270 PS), which is as powerful as it is efficient.

The first version of the Golf R Concept attracted attention with mid-tone Velvet Grey Metallic exterior, polished 19-inch Talladega alloy wheels, orange painted brake callipers and carbon mirror caps. (copyright image)
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The driver and front passenger have the pleasure of sitting on perfectly ergonomic motor sport shell seats. Their outer segments are upholstered in black Nappa leather with anthracite-coloured Nappa leather (Light Anthracite) used towards the inner surfaces in the area of the lateral seat supports and towards the head section. The cross-stitched centre panels of the seat and seatback gets an even lighter Nappa leather (Pure Grey). The back shell glistens in black piano paint. The piping on the side sections of the seat and head section provide a fine contrast: the orange of the brake callipers is repeated here. Meanwhile, interior accents match the look of the mirror caps: carbon. The same material is also used for the steering wheel, gear shift lever and the door sill plates. Black piano paint characterises the panels behind the inside door handles, the trim of the window controls and the trim of the gear shift grip.

The second model of the Golf R Concept is painted in the sophisticated Aplomb Blue. The 19-inch Glendale wheels that are new to the Golf line-up shine in Brilliant Silver. Once again, the exterior mirror caps, various interior accents and the door sill plates are made of carbon.

Parts of the back shells of the motor sport shell seats also feature carbon. Black Nappa leather covers the outer areas of the seat and seatback surfaces. Meanwhile, the ridge of the seats a continuous stripe that runs along the lateral seat and back supports consists of blue leather. The sport leather steering wheels inner segments and grip recesses were upholstered in carbon leather; characteristic of this lightweight material is its woven structure. Even the floor mats have a carbon look. The decorative seams here, as in the area of the parking brake lever, are styled in blue.


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