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19th April, 2007

Volkswagen Golf GT 
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The Volkswagen Group delivered more vehicles to customers during the first three months of 2007 than in any previous quarter. The Group sold 1.47 million vehicles worldwide, corresponding to a 7.9 percent rise compared with the same period in the previous year. “We were more than able to compensate for the expected drop in sales in Germany as a result of increased VAT by rises, some of them quite considerable, in other key world markets. An important success factor is the very pleasing growth on the Chinese market,” Prof. Dr. Martin Winterkorn, Chairman of the Board of Management of Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft, commented. “All brands contributed to these excellent results, confirming that the Group is in a good position to master forthcoming challenges and that we will meet our sales targets for this year in spite of difficult market conditions.”

Despite the "VAT dent" on the German domestic market, deliveries to customers in Western Europe rose by 1.9 percent to 777,000 vehicles. The effect of advance purchases at the end of 2006 gave rise to a 4.9 percent decline in deliveries in Germany during the first three months of 2007 to 235,000 vehicles. The Group registered the strongest increase in Central and Eastern Europe, where sales rose by 25.9 percent to 109,000 units.

The Group’s most important growth market was China, where market leadership in the passenger car segment was impressively confirmed by 203,000 vehicles delivered and a vigorous 23 percent growth rate. Developments in South America and South Africa were equally positive: 188,000 vehicles delivered represents an increase of 21.5 percent. This strong rise was chiefly accounted for by the Brazilian market with 120,000 vehicles (plus 21.4 percent). In the USA, the Group sold 73,000 units, representing a slight growth of 0.7 percent compared with the previous year.


Volkswagen Passenger Cars, the core brand, delivered 850,000 vehicles worldwide in the first quarter of 2007. This corresponds to an increase of 6.8 percent. Here, too, the main growth market was China with 177,000 vehicles sold, representing a rise of 22.3 percent. In South America and South Africa, deliveries to customers rose by 21.8 percent to 157,000 units. Most of this increase was attributable to Brazil, where sales of 101,000 vehicles represented a rise of 21.4 percent. In Western Europe, sales by the Volkswagen brand fell by 3.3 percent during the first quarter to 354,000 units, chiefly due to the 10.8 decline on the German market to 112,000 vehicles. In contrast, there was strong growth in Central and Eastern Europe, where sales increased by 28 percent to 31,000 vehicles. In the USA, sales of 50,000 units represented a 5.6 percent decline in the number of VW models delivered to customers compared with the same period in 2006.


Volkswagen's premium brand, Audi, again reported a strong increase in worldwide sales during the period January to March 2007, delivering 248,000 vehicles, an increase of 9.4 percent. Key growth markets were China with a 27 percent rise (24,000 vehicles), Central and Eastern Europe with a 39.7 percent increase (10,000 vehicles) and the USA (21,000 vehicles, a rise of 17.6 percent). In Germany, the 6.9 percent decline to 56,000 vehicles was compensated by overall growth in Western Europe, where deliveries increased to 172,000 vehicles (plus 5.3 percent).


The Skoda brand also continued its success story during the first quarter of 2007, increasing deliveries by 15.5 percent to 150,000 units. Contrary to the market trend, sales in Germany increased by 20.6 percent (28,000 deliveries), while the figure in Western Europe was 86,000, an increase of 14.7 percent. On its domestic market of Central and Eastern Europe, Skoda sales rose by 20.5 percent to 53,000 units. Skoda will be re-introduced in Australia later this year, when the Roomster and the Octavia are released.


During the first three months of 2007, Seat delivered 108,000 vehicles to customers worldwide, an increase of 1 percent. The main impetus came from strong growth of 24.5 percent (6,000 deliveries) on the Central and East European market and a 1.6 percent rise (96,000 vehicles) in Western Europe.


There was a further increase in worldwide deliveries to customers by the British super-premium brand Bentley. First-quarter growth totaled 20.4 percent, with 2,800 vehicles delivered.


The Italian sports car brand Lamborghini sold 527 vehicles during the period January to March 2007. This represents a rise of 54.1 percent compared with the same period last in 2006.


The ultra-premium Bugatti brand delivered 18 vehicles worldwide during the first three months of 2007, an increase of 260 percent compared with the same quarter in 2006.

VW Commercial Vehicles

The Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles brand reported record figures for the quarter, delivering 110,000 vehicles to customers, an increase of 10.6 percent. Growth was chiefly due to a 20.6 percent rise in South America and South Africa to 23,000 vehicles. Central and Eastern Europe also reported vigorous growth, with sales rising 41.5 percent to 9,000 units. There was also strong growth of 8.4 percent to 68,000 vehicles on the West European market, with Germany accounting for 27,000 units – a 1.6 percent rise.


In Australia, first quarter sales repeated the success of the Volkswagen Group overseas, The chart below highlights that success in numbers. The re-introduction of the Skoda brand to Australia later this year will add even more gloss to the recent success.

Australian Sales

Q1 2006

Q1 2007


















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