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Volkswagen At Europe's GTI Meet 2009

Volkswagen Golf GTI Worthersee 09 Concept (copyright image)

Volkswagen Golf GTI Worthersee 09 Concept

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26th May, 2009

The Golf GTI and the new Polo are the Volkswagen highlights this year. Both are launching in Europe at the present time, and both are successors to best sellers. Both are prime examples of affordable automotive dreams. The Golf GTI for sure, because it is an icon among compact sports cars. And the Polo, because it is small but not meagre. That is why these cars have what is amongst the biggest active enthusiast club in the world. Once a year they meet at Wörthersee, Austria. This year Volkswagen showed two sensational concept cars of the new best sellers: special “Worthersee 09” editions of the Golf GTI and Polo.

Golf GTI "Wörthersee 09"

It is fire-red and a real eye catcher. Inside and out, the Golf GTI "Worthersee 09" combines charming and unique visual looks with an even higher level of performance – it embodies precisely those elements that have always excited GTI enthusiasts. Consider the exterior paint, for example. It shimmers in the special glowing red colour "Firespark Metallic", which is repeated as a fine trim line on the high-gloss black 19-inch alloy spoke wheels and in the classic GTI stripes of the radiator grille screen. Other very distinctive body details: an entirely new smoked LED taillight design; its unmistakable graphic design from the rear adds to the Golf GTI concept car’s independent character.

Full of style, the interior of the two-door Golf GTI is inviting too. Initial eye catchers: high-end aluminium tread plates with "GTI Worthersee 09" signature. The next special feature: trim in brushed aluminium and glossy black painted frames around the air vents. The floor mats have red borders as well. All of this makes an exceptionally refined impression and calls attention to the sporty talent of the legendary "GTI" even more.

The newly designed sport comfort seats with their integrated head restraints are an absolute interior highlight. They excite with innovative cover materials and a fresh colour composition. This includes black nappa for the outer surfaces and flash red nappa for the seat side supports, bordered by light "Berry White" leather piping. The seat centre panels are made of Hexagon; one feature of this high-tech material, which is so pleasant to the touch: its exceptional breathing properties.

VW Golf GTI drivers, in particular, know that form follows function. The "Worthersee 09" Edition not only pleases with its tasteful style, it was also intensified technically in the direction of performance. The lowered sport chassis enables maximum curve speeds. And the acoustics is not short-changed either: the new sport exhaust system provides for an extra measure of dynamic sound. This will be 'music' to the ears of Golf GTI enthusiasts.

Volkswagen Polo Worthersee 09 Concept (copyright image)

Volkswagen Polo Worthersee 09 Concept

When it comes to the turbo engine, the GTI "Worthersee 09" relies on the new 2.0-litre TSI with 155 kW. This gives the concept car a top speed of 238 km/h and 6.9 second acceleration to 100 km/h.

Polo "Worthersee 09": Sporty vision in red and black

In Austria, Volkswagen presented a study that is based on the new Polo – the "Worthersee 09" concept car. Visually, this study offered an initial impression of how a sport version of the new light car might look. It should be noted that it was always part of the successful model series as the Polo GT, Polo G40 or Polo GTI. From a purely technical perspective, the display piece was based on the 1.4-litre MPI version engine with 63 kW. Its unique aspects are to be found in the details:

Just like the Golf GTI Edition, this Polo stands out with its extroverted "Flash Red" body colour. In addition, two black rally stripes command attention; they extend over the front end, the roof and back to the rear. The sporty, generously sized alloy wheels are the last detail. The black 18-inchers in "Budapest" styling are making their appearance with polished spokes; they generously fill out the wheel housings of the lowered chassis of the new best seller – more than 13,000 orders have been received, even before its market launch. The black versus red contrast can be seen as a defining, excitement generating theme. The radiator grille screen, mirror caps, backdrop of the headlights and insert in the lower bumper known as the "buckle" all offer a dark contrast. And the sport exhaust system pleases with its optimised sound.

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Premium black also characterises the interior. It takes a path from the roofliner over the air vents – each with a high-gloss finish – the steering wheel accents and radio panel down to the very distinctive front seats. They are made of very high-end materials. Black nappa leather trims the outer surfaces and the centre seat panels where they are offset by horizontal black stripes in the microfibre "San Remo". The seat’s lateral supports have an arc-shaped striped design which – viewed from outside to inside – is composed of nappa leather, flash-red nappa leather piping, the white leather "Berry White" and black leather. The aluminium tread plates are also a custom feature. Similar to the Golf GTI concept car, they bear the signature "Polo Worthersee 09". Red seams also enhance the leatherwork on the parking brake handle, gearshift grip, steering wheel and door trim.

Perfection in the details: new GTI products from Volkswagen Accessories

Volkswagen Accessories also astonished visitors with attractive new products on the occasion of the GTI Meet at Wörthersee. Two innovations stood out: the "Bobsy G2-3 pro GTI-Design" child seat – covered with the original material of the GTI seats ("Jacky" pattern) – gives enthusiasts of the sports car the option of taking their progeny along with them in the GTI, not only safely but in genuine style. Thanks to its adjustable-width seat cushion and sleeping support, it is ideal for children between three and twelve years old (15 to 36 kilogramme body weight). The seatbelt is routed snugly to the body and offers optimal protection. The special head section, lateral support panels that extend far forward and full coverage of the shoulder area guarantee a high level of comfort and safety in case of a side crash.

Also new is the GTI mobile phone. The GTI Edition mobile phone is a perfect match for the legendary model from Wolfsburg when it comes to sportiness and exclusivity. Along with the display logo and brushed aluminium surface, all menuing is styled after GTI design. There is even a special GTI sound ringtone. And the integrated 3.2 megapixel camera with 3X digital zoom is ideal for capturing the most beautiful images of the GTI-Meet at Wörthersee on its 25-MB memory card.


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