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Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles gain ESP

Volkswagen Caddy Maxi Life (copyright image)

Volkswagen Caddy Maxi Life

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26th March, 2010

Volkswagen Group Australia has announced that with this month's introduction of the new Transporter range, the entire Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle and people mover range now comes standard with Electronic Stabilisation Programme (ESP).

The Caddy and Caddy Maxi Van, as well as, the Caddy Maxi Life recently received the upgrade to standard ESP combined with the introduction of standard dual airbags across the Caddy van line-up. The Crafter, which was introduced to the Australian market in late 2006, has always come standard with ESP.

The Electronic Stabilisation Programme makes every Volkswagen in the commercial and people mover range a sensible safety choice. ESP helps ensure that the vehicle goes where you steer it even in extreme driving conditions. The ESP system constantly compares the actual movement of the vehicle with pre-determined values and should a situation arise where the vehicle starts to skid, ESP will apply the brakes to individual wheels and automatically adjust the engine’s power output to correct the problem. ESP can prevent the vehicle from losing control when trying to avoid an accident, for example. It also can prevent spinning off on a curve due to either understeer or oversteer.

Director of Commercial Vehicles, Phil Clark, emphasises the importance of this upgrade: “The Volkswagen brand has always stood for excellent safety, but we have now made a clear statement with safety standards across the board. With the introduction of standard ESP across the entire range, every people mover and commercial vehicle now represents an even more sensible safety choice. The Electronic Stabilisation Programme plays a vital role in reducing accidents and therefore saving lives.”


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