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Volkswagen's new Amarok single cab (copyright image)

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22nd September, 2010

The Amarok single cab with a short cab and a long load bed represents the classic "workhorse" for Volkswagen. This category of truck has been dominated by Japanese brands for many decades. Volkswagen is now preparing to enter this extremely popular market segment.

In comparison with the Volkswagen Amarok with a four-door double cab, the single cab has a load surface 2.20 metres long with the same overall vehicle length, which means that two "Europa" pallets can be stowed one behind another, loaded transversely. The new Amarok single cab will be coming onto the market in the first half of 2011. A "study" vehicle will be presented on Volkswagen's stand at Germany's IAA Commercial Vehicle Show from today. The display vehicle will feature a 90 kW TDI engine with Volkswagen's BlueMotion Technology.

In its first year, the Amarok has attained about 8,000 deliveries. Volkswagen is currently holding an order bank for 40,000 units for their new utility for supply to global markets.

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Another Volkswagen model at the show is the Multivan "Edition25" anniversary model, to mark the occasion of "25 years of the Multivan" with Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. This is based on the current Multivan Comfortline, and is immediately identifiable by its silk matt lacquered roof and the black 18-inch light metal alloy wheels. The anniversary model has an exclusive range of fittings as standard.

Still another new model is the Transporter "Rockton", a Transporter for hard off-road operation, for carrying personnel and material to places which are difficult to reach. The all-wheel drive Rockton has been tailored especially to the needs of specific target groups such as building contractors, mountain rescue teams, and other potential groups such as hunters. The permanent all-wheel drive 4MOTION, with a differential lock on the rear axle as standard, a body lift of 30 millimetres, and reinforced suspension and shock absorption, can carry up to five people plus equipment and/or supplies over trackless terrain.

The IAA Commercial Vehicle Show is being held from 23rd to 31st September 2010 in Hanover, Germany.


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